Welcome to this new post about Maps Marker Pro

This time we dip the finger a bit into this plugin. If you haven’t already tested it can download a full 30 day trial hereor you can test online the demo admin panel too.

But here’s in short my direct experience in creating a custom map with video markers.

1- Click Maps Marker Pro on the left column in WP admin panel and go to Settings
2- Choose the Basemap you prefer. I suggest the use of OpenStreetmap but I used a Custom Basemap I created withMaperitive but that’s a topic of next post coming soon.
3- Save settings don’t forget it

Basemaps – Before continuing I’ll show you my personal experience of using this plugin.
Refer to picture below. Click on Basemaps and if you have a special or custom tile server this is the right place to instruct the plugin about using your material instead of default map tiles.
Beware of double checking your settings here otherwise you don’t get anything than a blank map or a cannot load map error message.
YOU MUST insert correctly the tile address and the min-max zoom level you actually created or have in your custom basemap, in this case I used custom basemap 3 with minimum zoom level 15 and maximum zoom level 18

Then SAVE it!!! and return to Default Settings and choose the new basemap.


We start the map building adding a new layer. Click Add new layer, refer to picture below.

Here’s a tricky point if you use a custom basemap different than default types.
The plugin come out of the box with the map centered at Wien Latitude & Longitude. So whatever you set in custom basemap at first you don’t see nothing at all.

Don’t be afraid, it’s very easy to solve it !!!

Take note of one of your locality present in your custom map and digit it in the Please select a place box.
How you are online immediatly you will be prompted with a serial of places including your one. Just select it and then click on publish
Upon refreshing the page will show you the page will show your map correctly. See below, my locality is Olimje in Slovenia.

Make your adjustment and some experiments then click on publish again.


Beside the publish button you find add new marker to this layer click it and a new window open.

Maybe also her you can have a to make the locality setting again. So I digited Olimje and my map was again on place.
You will see that the marker is already assigned to the layer created but you can also add it to more layers
Then I made my adjustments (see below) then click on publish button, don’t forget it!!!

Upon refreshing the page continues your adjusting, selecting the right icon and visually move marker to right place,
add text to display in the popup panel and more, (see below) then click on publish button, don’t forget it!!!


If you already created some markers this is the time you can share with this or other layers (see below).
Go to List All Markers

Ticks all chosen markers then go to Bulk action for selected markers and make your selection (see below)


One nice feature of the Maps Marker Pro plugin is the cluster marker .

It’s a nice feature that how says the word clusters the markers found inside a specific radius. You can set this radius and its colour in marker settings. Play a bit around with settings or visit the FAQ at Maps Marker Pro site.

Automatically cluster markers adapt upon zoom level changes (see two pictures below)


Zoom at various levels and make all your tests before publishing it.

When you are ready, look at the top bar and see a shortcode, select and paste it in your post/page or when creating a post/page you can add the chosen map clicking on the Add Map button you find in the WP editor beside all other functions.


Well, that’s all. I created a custom map of Olimje area with 4 video markers. You can check it clicking the below picture.

I suggest you free download the plugin and start practising with Maps Marker Pro

Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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Creating a Two Page Wide HTML5 Photoalbum


Are you a proven bookmaker?
Have you read my previous articles about Fliphtml5? If don’t please read it first, this is an add-on short tutorial.

When you create a flipbook can get the need of having a two page photo, do you?

Well, go on reading but first download your free trial copy of Fliphtml5 to dip your finger.

Here’s the final look

Follow step by step my experience

1- Start Fliphtml5 and import your PDF file

2- Login and go to Edit Pages

3- Select Double Page View and Fit the Width

4- Select Image from Topbar Menu and draw the area you want to cover

5- Select the Image from your chosen location

6- Save & Exit

That’s all!!!

Don’t forget to have a look at the final product I made for this review, just click on the below picture

or this link

Stay tuned!
Animation tips coming soon!!!

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Angelo Giammarresi

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FLIPHTML5 – PDF Converter, Editor & Animator – A MUST FOR BOOKMAKERS


Let’s talk today a little about Fliphtml5 the flagship product of our prestigious partner.

I used Fliphtml5 since its first version and before the company became our interactive project’s partner.

What attracted me at first?

While maybe I’m not a techs savvy, I’m an experienced director and multimedia producer as well as a proven designer.

At first glance was the smoothness and realistic book animation that attracted me.

I had tested other free platforms but they still look clumsy today (i.e. Càlameo, Isuu to cite some of.)

Have a look at my first creations with the earlier basic Fliphtml5 just click on the pictures below

Why I chose it?

Again, once more the comparison with other software revealed that Fliphtml5 was more a complete suite than a simple converter. It permitted me not only create a simple flipbook from a PDF but also make some customizations and the most important was I found a very experienced and kind technical support.

I sent my feedback about issues got in using or viewing in either PC or tablet and they used it to create a better version. As the new version was stable I created a new kind of flipbook, see below



Future updates improved some features and arrived a new animation editor that appealed me.

Below, you see some products created to test the animation editor. They include background music, hotspot, slideshow and other animations.



The Fliphtml5 software evolution and the animation editor quality improved in a very short time, while due to browser progress and that some tags were included in epub3 format, the html5 became a new de facto standard for flipbooks and ebooks in general.

So there was no choice for my productions than Fliphtml5 suite and with my great satisfaction the company accepted to be partner in the new interactive project



What’s new today?

I haven’t updated the software for a while because my products were more video based than Fliphtml5 book but three days ago, I decided to update to newer Fliphtml5 version hoping it worked even in my 32 bit laptop.

Well, not only the installation went on smooth but I was astounded looking at the new editor and improved UI.

Let’s explore some details!

Here below find a serial of shots taken in sequence during the creation of a simple flipbook for some Buddhist French friends, from the importing PDF to final result with some customization and other features about the Animation Editor not included in the final book.

Building a new flipbook – Step By step

1- Main UI

1b – Importing Images Option

1c – Import PDF

1d – OCR and TOC import options

1e – OCR downloading

Before the importing is ready you have the option to select OCR language, if is not present automatically the software will download it from main company’s website.

Besides, you can also choose quality, rendering engine, importing links, TOC and more.

2- Choosing the template

Once imported the PDF you can start selecting the preferred template. You see a wide range of template available in above picture.

3- Customize the template – Theme Selection

Once chosen the template the following step is theme selection among the supplied variety which includes animated background or you can of course use your custom background like I did.

3b – TOC and Bookmarks

Using the related Tabs you can check and modify TOC and Bookmarks but also export or import.

3c – Custom Settings

You can import and save custom settings from previous flipbooks to have similar look.
To achieve a more realistic look I made a serial of customization Binding, TOC and Pagination, see pictures below

3d – Binding

Among several choices I selected Hardcover
3e – TOC

3f – Pagination

That’s one of the most important feature to create a professional product.
I chose to set in Roman first two pages and Arabic following pages.

4 – Login

To accomplish some steps and saving settings you must be logged in.
Register or login using the related panel.

After login you can also publish freely online your flipbook.

At this point, I suggest you to download the free version and dip your finger into or if  you like continue reading to know more features.

5 – Using the Page Editor

The main Page Editor UI  is very intuitive and at glance you can choose among the several options offered from removing or adding pages to set specific effects. I chose to add a link to a page area 5a and  selected to open a webpage among the many action options offered 5b

5a – adding link area

5b – Select Action options

6- Animation Editor – General UI

Another very impressive feature is the html5 animation editor.

Practically, you can add anything from a PayPal button, to Html code, Slideshow, etc.

In my example, I added an hotspot and text line linked to related URLs.

6a – Adding an Hotspot

That’s an animated attractive feature that you can resize and customize as you like, I just selected a standard colour, resized and linked to a web URL.

6b – Adding a weblinked Text Line

You can insert several type of text and also animated it after customizing font, size, etc.

8- Sprite improved animation – New Feature with sprite customization

If you look at below pictures there’s no need to explain how great is the improving of sprite animation. You can manage it in any details not only choosing the character but also the movement customizing duration and gests as well as you can add a custom message or speach from file or record a new one on spot.

8a – Selecting Sprite from Menu More

8b – Selecting Character Sprite

8c – Selecting Character Mood

8d – Selecting Sprite Action and Customization

8e – Resizing Character Sprite

8f – Adding or Recording a Sound File

8g – Look on the page

My Conclusion

There’s a plenty to tell more about this fantastic suite for creating html5 flipping books and I will write soon again.

I’ve been using it since 4 years ago and my products look professional and atractive, that’s a great satisfaction achieved thanks to this software.

Of course, Fliphtml5 like any other software needs some little refinements just because browsers are continuosly evolving and so new features emerge but I find it working pretty good. I had a very little issue after stressing the UI for one entirely day but was my fault cause I was using a not updated template.

I selected a new released template and it works fine till the final product you can freel browse clicking on the picture below.

FREE DOWNLOAD  your Fliphtml5 copy. It’s full functional and can freely publish online your flipbook.

There’s no limitation except cannot make use of Animation Editor and Page Editor features but you can preview how they work and if you like then can upgrade to paid plans.

Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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Hi and welcome back to all readers.

I hear your question, Who or What is a Maps Marker Pro?

Well, the advent of digital world, often defined 2.0, and the progressive development of Internet has determined the need to redefine or creating ten of new roles.

Plenty of new “professions” emerged in last years creating new job opportunities but let’s go back to Maps Marker Pro.

If we make mind to the constant and frequently use of dynamic maps in websites (i.e. Google, OpenStreetMap, etc.), there is no question someone has to build such interactive and dynamic maps. Here’s, I depicted a new figure/role of a Maps Marker Pro.

Well, let’s consider in future if it’s a new job opportunity and focus on the 3 words: Maps Marker Pro.

They constitute the name of a very interesting and robust plugin to create custom and dynamic maps, Maps Marker Pro, indeed.

Who has read my posts since I landed from Drupal to WordPress world already knows how much I struggled to develop a multilingual website using free and open source tools.

Some days ago, I was not very satisfied of the pre-rendered fix png maps used to deploy the interactive promotional projects of tourism and culture in my websites and

So I tested some other free plugins to achieve different and better looking dynamic markers besides the used one and I get across leaflet-maps-marker wp-plugin also making use of leaflet library.

leaflet-maps-marker it’s a free plugin, younger brother of Maps Marker Pro, also with a good support and many features but if you are looking for a full customizable and powerful plugin that’s Maps Marker Pro your only choice!

We compare in a next post but at first glance the main difference is that Maps Marker Pro allow you to create multiple levels with multiple markers and single markers can be assigned to as many level as you need.

If I had to remake the huge work of my project maps I need a reliable and full customizable plugin like Maps Marker Pro to achieve a stunning and dynamic look.

That’s why after about four years in this WordPress realm with a huge plugin repository to dig your free favourite ones, I decided to give a chance to a paid plugin.

The very little annual fee is well repaid by the plugin richer features , the friendly and savvy support, without mentioning also the saving of time I usually spent in finding workarounds to customize the maps.

Dip your finger!

You don’t have to buy my words but can try the full functional plugin Maps Marker Pro for a free 30-day- trial-periodfirst.

In my opinion, the reliability of the author goes beyond, let’s see how many type of installation you can choose from. Below, shots from my first installation.

Option A: activate an unexpiring license key

Get an unexpiring license key at and activate the license key

Option B: get a personalized trial license key

You can test Maps Marker Pro for 30 days for free without any obligations.

Option C: get an anonymous trial license key

Option D: start an unlimited, anonymous test on a localhost installation

If you install Maps Marker Pro on a localhost installation (see available packages), registering a free 30-day trial license key is not mandatory and the plugin can also be tested without time limitation.

I chose the Option B – You can see the expiring date in the picture but then I subscribed a plus plan to use the plugin in all my websites for a limitless time.

How does it work?

That’s the topic of my coming soon posts, in the while I suggest you free download the plugin and start practising your new Maps Marker Pro role…

Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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Fancying how to Zip a Bull in a PDF?

Yes, of course!

If this is your answer or you are curious please, go on reading.

Some days ago I was looking for a good quality PDF printer because my didn’t work properly anymore.

I made a search in Google for a free printer and a long list of PDF printers was presented me but after making a serial of tests almost I gave it up.

Yes, mostly free PDF printer are really poor software with almost no options or at least, professionally speaking the final result is very poor.
Of course, you can say they are mostly limited to 150dpi but I suppose this is not the true reason for the poor quality.

Anyhow, by the end of the day I got across a strange company’s name Bullzip and decided to give it a try.

Well, after some tests I found out that you can really print whatever you like even with the freeware edtion Bullzip printer. But let’s go on depth to Bullzip printer options and settings.

Here is some screen shots so you can see what you get in the free package.

First example is printing my website’s homepage.

1-Press on Keyboard Ctrl+P to get the printing browser interface

2-Select your Printer, in this case Bullzip PDF printer

3-Select the pages to print

4-Bullzip GUI appears and you can make some selections

Check your license type (here’s free edition)

Define the Dialogue panel options

Compliance with PDF 1/A is deactivated but you can choose Acrobat PDF compatibility

If you select a non active option you will prompt such a message informing you need a different version to use that setting, See pictures above.

Select PDF compatibility

Free edition allow you only to print compress images on PDF document

Use macros to create dynamic text watermarks

Print on existing PDF as background – Use existing PDF as a stamp

Printing a Document as image file

Among other features:

Output formats (PDF, EPS, PS, BMP, PNG, JPEG, PCX, TIFF)

But as you can see this is the quality you get using the free bullzip printer edition

(actually this shot is a jpg 80% resolution, so true pdf quality is far more better)

Please, refer to this link for a product comparison chart

Second example – Printing from an old Corel Draw version

To be sure I made a short test with a very old graphic software , a Corel Draw version dating to 1994.

That’s the final result, always made with the Free Bullzip printer Edition

After this two tests I decided to have the expert license and once I set the license on its folder’s place all functions were activated immediately

Check pictures below and see that no prompt appears when deselect Compress images or select PDF/A-1b

One more important feature is the multilanguage GUI, you can choose among many important languages.

By the end of these tests seen the results I got in my mind the word game with the company’s logo you find in the title post.

I invite you to visit the website and give a try to this printer, it’s free and very robustlike a Bull!

Please, also visit my website and see Bullzip is among our new partners. This printer solved my problem completely to create perfect PDF compliant with other softwares used to create all new multimedia products such as fliphtml5 brochures and android apps

Stay tuned!
Coming soon, new reviews!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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How to Create 2D-3D Animated Titles with Avid Marquee


If you are like me that many times don’t look at the bonus software you got with the main one, you’ll never used Avid Marquee indeed.
Oh yes! Avid Marquee that titration tool  with ugly and non intuitive UI you get with Media Composer.
But happen that some days ago I saw a title created with marquee and I decided to put hands and see if I could use or give it up definitively.

Well, the result is a 48 minutes lesson (sorry, in Italian) in which you get some clear and step by step examples, see pictures below

Example 1 – Light Settings

Example 2 – Creating 3D Object with Light Animation

Clicking on the picture you can read an in depth post and watch a short demo.

You can also buy the lesson on our store it’s available in file MP4 for instant download

I got a new special software to show you all!
Coming soon, new posts and reviews!

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Angelo Giammarresi

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Discovering Pacaya-Samiria Reserve – Peru

The Pacaya-Samiria area is one of the most beautiful and protected areas of Peru. Very a few visit permits per years are released.

The Reserve is also home of several endangered species such as the Pink Dolphin, a special river dolphin not easy to spot.

You can get my 42 minutes long videoguide I created a few years ago when I cruised the Amazon River.

If you would like to go in Peru and visit the Reserve I strongly suggest to select one of the special cruises made by my trusted tour operator that I use since 1993. The Greptours – Lima (Peru) is a serious and trusty tour operator can provide you with all detailed information about the reserve and not only. Click the below logo to be redirect to one of the available cruises on Amazon River to Pacaya-Samiria. You can have Standard and Deluxe cruise on the Amazon River but all at affordable price, cheaper than any other tour operator.

Please, use this code ANGELO2015 to get a further discount or bonus.

Stay tuned more post, coming soon!

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Angelo Giammarresi

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