About us

Activity: Audiovisual & Multimedia Productions – Service
Office: Via Carlo Marx 101 – 27024 Cilavegna (PV) – Italy
Phone: (+39) 3286310670
Website: http://www.wocmultimedia.com
VAT Registration n. IT 10912600151

WOCMULTIMEDIA is acronym of WORLD ON COMMUNICATIONS multimedia productions.
WORLD ON COMMUNICATIONS was founded in 1990 by Mr. Angelo Giammarresi, the owner, relaying on his own experience made in the different sectors of television productions

PROJECT ECOS-NOT ONLY NATURE – alternative itineraries
WORLD ON COMMUNICATIONS was created to realize multimedia productions useful to the traveller. Since, the first video, “TOURISM, MAGIC & HISTORY IN THE INCAS LAND” realized with the support of Foptours (Peruvian Tourist Board), we developed a new idea of tourist video. The Video-guide was structured like a true journey with camp bases and interactive maps so, anyone was able to plan one’s holiday very quickly. Following, this first video who received a prize at the 8th International Tourfilm Festival of Montecatini Terme, we have produced several videos on countries not very known in Italy but rich of art, nature and cultural peculiarities. The documentaries are collected in the video collection titled “EcoS – not only nature” serial ” alternative itineraries “.

A special thank to any Tourist Board and Mountain Community that have been supporting us during these years and want collaborate in the future with their precious suggestions.

In 2005, after we had received several request of support from our students and clients about Avid editing software, we decided to make a courses in Italian language.
The vocational course is divided in two parts and is focused on the main features of AVID XPress Pro software. The success of this new course encouraged us to develop new video training course about massages for relaxing, babies, pregnant woman, etc.
Please, check our product list to find out the available titles.

Currently we have launched our new live Practice Course in Digital Video Editing available online by appointment and useful for beginners.

For a long time both in first person, and with the World On Communications, we have developed our activities of multimedia productions paying attention that they had a low environmental impact and with a deep social commitment.

You are enough to think note about the first collection “Ecos – not only nature” devoted to the nature and the cultural traditions of the various people.
During the years we have contributed to the realization of audiovisual products devoted to social themes or of the cooperation asking for a remuneration of very inferior to the norm and in some cases we have free done also it.

Among the last products we signal with pleasure the commitment developed for realizing a hybrid Cd-rom (pdf with video), devoted to the “project of Scholastic Adoption with the Fathers Cappuccinos in Eritrea” that we have entirely taken care of from the graphic ideation to the shooting to the final cut.
The “Under the Sycamore” video is available in DVD video and in CD-ROM,  discover you of it the details in the pages of our catalogue.