Create Your Virtual Tour in 10 minutes with iPanorama 360°

Hello Everybody,

How most of you already know, since I moved fro Drupal to WordPress, I decided to improve dinamicity of my websites and other multimedia projects. So once more digging in the meanders of internet I found out a new useful and low cost plugin.

Frequent readers already know that I only review plugin and other components that I actually use in my projects.
I’m not a professional reviewer but a multimedia producer and I really get annoyed when someone ask me to make a paid review it isn’t included in my policy at all.

Today, I want to show my latest finding iPanorama a plugin that permit you to create in a few minutes interesting panorama view and eventually virtual tours.


I came across this plugin by accident before deleting a newsletter then I added it to my favourites because of three topics:

1- The friendly support
2- The low cost
3- Simple UI and rich documentation included

1- The friendly support – After reading some news about plugin’s features I contacted the developer proposing to create a localization version of iPanorama in my language. His quick and friendly reply gave me the feeling the plugin was well maintained, in fact I wrote to get some specific support and I got the answer within the same day. So far, I can say that Max, the developer solved all my doubts about the use of.

2- Low Cost

The regular license cost less than 15$ and you can create as much as virtual panorama you like.

3- Simple UI and rich documentation included

What make very precious this plugin is the User Interface (UI), very easy to understand that let common people create his/her virtual tour in a few minutes.

Buy the plugin and download it to your computer. Deploy the zip file and you will find a folder including the zip file to upload on your wordpress site and the complete documentation on how to use it step by step.
The pictures you see in this post are included in the documentation too.

After installing the plugin, you can use it just out of the box, don’t have to make complex settings. Here’s some pictures to help you better understand the use of.

You can add popup with sound and video links

Click on the picture below and test yourself the plugin or read online documentation.

I suggest you give a try to this plugin

Coming soon a new in depth post, maybe showing my new virtual tour created with this plugin.

Stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
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