FLIPHTML5 Tapping to Toggle Hide/Show

Here we are!

I continue the exploring of Fliphml5 software and its peculiarities.
Today, we’ll see in depth the new mobile UI also applying to iOS and Android OS.

I created a prototype for an interactive Tourist Guide about my little town using fliphtml5 then I took the following screenshots from my Android tablet.
Here’s the main cover once animation ended to compose the front cover.
I preferred to use it on Opera browser that easily open a local stored file.

Main cover – Full screen

How you can see the main page is Menu Free!!!

Well it’s easy!!! First mode you can peel page like a true book and it’s very smootly performed.
Second mode: you once TAP the CENTRE PAGE to bring up Top/Bottom Menus while a second tap hide menus.

Here’s  Cover page with menus up


Picture above is self-explanatory but will add single menu shot below.

From top to bottom here’s a shot after clicking on MAIN MENU you can read Italian words Mostra indice contenuti (TOC),
Segnalibri (Bookmarks), Condividere (Share), Stampa (Print) options.

MINIATURE Feature shot

TOC screenshot

BOOKMARKS (Segnalibri) feature shot

NAVIGATION MENU feature shot



VIDEO OVERLAY pop up a video player in full screen when you set a link or button connected to Play Video feature in Animation Editor.

A PROTOTYPE PAGE FROM MY INTERACTIVE MULTIMEDIA GUIDE you can browse it here or clicking on the picture below

I wish you like this review and also want give a try to free version of Fliphml5 software to discover its peculiarities.
I chose it how partner for my mobile and desktop e-book projects.

Enjoy your experiments!
Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned, new in-depth post coming soon!
Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
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