Partnership Keeps Alive Today’s Development Process


Today,  we want to welcome our new partner LULU software, a Canadian company just joined our multimedia projects.

How do you know we care a lot having different partnership to develop our Interactive Catalogues, Multimedia Guides and all visual projects because cooperating is one if not the best way to achieve better results.

Working in partnership means mutual benefit, and everyone keep on going the development process with a little effort.

You can download SODA PDF 8 trial version and start experiencing yourself why we choose LULU software and their flagship product.

In our case, for instance, we are going to create and manipulate PDF documents to make them interactive, so a realiable product with a simple UI it’s mandatory and after many researches SODA PDF got our favours. You can edit, scan, OCR, secure, create and…test it.

Thanks again to LULU software for joining us.

Stay tuned! Coming soon an in-depth review of this very useful and cost effective software. Download now your trial copy of SODA PDF 8 .

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
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