No more conflict HTML5 or iPad

Welcome, if your dilemma has always been HTML5 vs iPad it’s time to go on reading this post.

Today, I can announce that you can stop wondering if it is better an Android based tablet or an iPad.

Beginnig with the new collection SHADES OF… our publications will be available in both format: HTML5 and .Epub for iPad.

So, you can select the device best fitting your needs.

You can find the HTLM5 version of SHADES OF SAPMI: JERGUL ASTU this will smoothly play on almost any device, from Android to iOs, PC and MAC. Just use your preferred common modern browser.

iPAD OWNER? Go on reading…
Recently, I elaborated the version Epub for iPad that makes use of the new CSS3 and epub3 feature to add animations and multimedia contents. So, you can enjoy flipping pages and rich content on iPad as well.

You can also freely browse this flipbook online using safari, chrome, firefox, IE10+ either on desktop or mobile.

Visit our MULTIMEDIA GUIDES section to freely browse more Flipbooks

Stay tuned! Coming soon new tips!
written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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