The importance of Object Name!


thank you for reading this new post about an in-depth use of the excellent softwareFliphtml5 I’m proud to use since its first version to create animated books.

Why is important renaming objects?

Well, almost all graphic software allow you to rename objects.
It means that even code ID of the object is kept the same the UI shows your preferred name.
Once more you ask why is important? Simple.
Have a look at the belowly picture and you will see a list of Text_ objects.
Here’s only five of them but imagine how hard would be finding the right object to manage when you have a huge book or many similar layers in the same page.

In such a case it’s very important keeping order in your layout and renaming each object with a simpler ID name is the fastest way to spot it among the layout layers.

Well, how do we proceed?


Click one object, in this case Text_1 and you will see higlighted it in the layer list.

Then, see next picture, go to Object Name field on top right of the UI and select the name appearing there.

Delete it and Type your preferred name then press Enter on your keyboard, the new name will take over place instantaneously in layer list. See picture below where the Text_1 object showing the new name “Statue1”.

Repeat the operation for all the objects you like and you will see how would be easier identifying them later.

Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned, new in-depth post about visibility option coming soon!
Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
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