Travelling in Finnmark, the Norway’s Northernmost region is an unforgettable experience for anyone.

I shot this film in summertime when the sun shines the whole day following an interesting itinerary fit to your holidays too.

The itinerary is dedicated to the several peculiarities of Magerøya Island and the astounding promontory of North Cape, first visited in 1664 by the Italian explorer Francesco Negri.

In the video you can get info about: Honningsvåg and its harbor, the Norkappmuseet, Arctic Ice Bar where you can crawl inside an igloo to sip your coffee. The village of Gjesvær and the birdwatching excursion to Gjesværstappan Natural Reserve. The village of Kamøyvær and the Art Gallery “East of the sun”. Skarsvåg, The northernmost fishing village in the world, the cosy and enchanted emporium “Jul og Vinterhus”. The “Hornet”, an ancient Sami sacred place.

Along the road you can stop at Nils Somby’s Sami camp, for me a must whenever I go to North Cape (Nordkapp) before visiting the astonishing plateau.

By the end you will make a trip with the boat to film the sea eagle (white tailed eagle) in the Gjesværstappan Natural Reserve and by the end, a cup of coffee to be sipped sat at the terrace-restaurant admiring the wonderful shades of the Gjesvær fjord…

Video in English lasts 33 minutes and can be purchased on DVD or MP4 in our online shop by clicking on the link below or the image of the cover

Directed by: Angelo Giammarresi

Realization & Production: World On Communications – Italy – email:

Cover Photo: Magerøya Island by Angelo Giammarresi.

Stay tuned! Coming soon with a new review.

Written by Angelo Giammarresi
Founder / CEO
World On Communications

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