…And Then The ECOS Adventure Began!


I will tell you how began the ECOS video adventure.
In the distant 1990, me, Angelo Giammarresi, decided to summon all skills developped in the years working for different TV companies and run my own solo company.
Yes, it was a big challenge. I had almost no money but youth & a bit of self-proudness or craziness made the way out.

Well, equipment was very expensive at that time neither iphone nor other toy video-camera existed but only professional videocamera such as Betacam or MII format. It seems that my project had some sponsors in the Heavens because Philips at that time just issued an experimental videocamera called Explorer X1. What better of such camera for a new explorer like me? You can say it wasn’t a Pro camera!
Yes, it was what people will call in future a Prosumer camera. For the first time a videocamera could shoot in S-VHS and not simple VHS.
Hence my brilliant idea! I will shot in S-VHS and then edit in professional format via S-VHS connectors to save the whole 500 lines recorded on tape…

The first expedition was in Peru were I spent about three months travelling the country far and broad. I brought home more than 45 hours of video-recording covering the most different aspects of Peru and “Tourism, Magic and History in the Land of Incas” was the very first video I produced. Click on the picture to read more and buy the DVD or MP4 file.

The video won a prize the following year at International Tourfilm Festival of Montecatini Terme


then I published several videos about Peru under the label “ECOS-non solo natura” you can read more and buy them clicking on the picture below

According with times changing all videos produced are available in DVD and other different format. In my online shop, you can find video about Finland, Norway, Iceland, The Canaries, etc.

Stay Tuned!
I’ll come back soon with news & tips.

Written by Angelo Giammarresi
Founder / CEO
World On Communications

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