Just A click to Turn a Miniature in a Fullscreen Flipbook!


Welcome to this new tips on how making an eBook more appealing and part of another project.

Please, read my previous posts to get acquainted with main features of FLIPHTML5 publishing software, for me the leader software to create animated and rich content e-books. Forget boring and flat PDF!!!

Here we are today with a new interesting feature from miniature to fullscreen and vice versa.

I like this feature, very simple to use (for a developer or just knowing a little html coding, is enough).

How do you know, I’ve developed a project ActiveMaps you can find it at www.mappeattive.com where maps based on openstreemap.org are enriched with multimedia markers.
Yes, multimedia markers, meaning that each marker can show not only photo and video but also flipbooks.

Let’s see it applyed to New Zealand Wine Route, a new project in development phase but still useful to understand how our new feature work.

Click on the pictures to see live site

Both markers have a flipbook in it – Click the one with Bottle & Glass to open it like picture below

Then click the miniature to bring the book in fullscreen like the picture below

When you finish browsing the book press F11 or ESC button and you will see the book return to be a miniature in the map’s marker.

This is an useful feature whe do you want embed a book in a page of your site or wherever you like.
How do you say? It is difficult? No, not at all! Just add your link in an iframe tag ad the game is ready to be played!

Please, visit my project website www.mappeattive.com there are more maps to discover.

Thanks for reading!
Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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