Happy New Year 2016 to Everyone of You out there and reading this article.
I’m glad to begin this new year sharing with you a gift I just received.
How you since 3 years ago Fliphtml5 has partnered with my company and supported also my latest project of dynamic maps called MappeAttive supplying their flagship software to create dynamic books or flipbook if you prefere.

Don’t you know Fliphtml5 already? Well, no problem click onto the link and get your free flipbook copy to create and publish online book for free.
Here I delve with security problem often afflicting publishers. I have one friend of mine which is really terrorized that someon can steal or hacker his publication….I laugh but for he that’s a great and serious problem.
Well, my dear Sebastiano, you can sleep quiet now. Here’s the first gift of this 2016 brought by Fliphtml5.
I just downloaded latest full version complete of animator and page editor for PC because it announced having made some fixing but I found out to my amazement that a new feature I had required before now was introduced as well:The BOOK ENCRYPTION

How does it works?
It sets a password encryption to your book at your will.

How to make it?
Just follow the steps below but first you need to download Fliphtml5 in your local desktop.

I suggest you read my previous in depth articles to better know the use of Fliphtml5 before you go on reading


How to Make a Two Page Wide Photoalbum

Let’s create step by step an encrypted book

Here how it appears after installing and loading some images. This is a photo book project about The Castle of Lomello in Italy.

Step 2 – Login
Very important to understand is that you need to have an account, you can create free one and login using the menu and panel as shown in the picture below. Click Online > Login follow on screen instruction

Step 3 – Securing the Book
Once you login go to Option > Book Security and fill the popup panel with your choices.
I set Single Password and Not Include only first 2 pages

Step 4 – Publish To Local and Select your book format
Now It’s time to finalize our project. Click Publish To Local > Select your format and fill the panel form according to your choices.
I chose HTML and here’s the shots of my project to final product.

ONCE You press  convert button after a while the book is ready to preview


CLICK ONTO THE IMAGE ABOVE to see a live version of photo book project about The Castle of Lomello in Italy
created and secured with Fliphtml5

Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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