Welcome to this new post about Maps Marker Pro

This time we dip the finger a bit into this plugin. If you haven’t already tested it can download a full 30 day trial hereor you can test online the demo admin panel too.

But here’s in short my direct experience in creating a custom map with video markers.

1- Click Maps Marker Pro on the left column in WP admin panel and go to Settings
2- Choose the Basemap you prefer. I suggest the use of OpenStreetmap but I used a Custom Basemap I created withMaperitive but that’s a topic of next post coming soon.
3- Save settings don’t forget it

Basemaps – Before continuing I’ll show you my personal experience of using this plugin.
Refer to picture below. Click on Basemaps and if you have a special or custom tile server this is the right place to instruct the plugin about using your material instead of default map tiles.
Beware of double checking your settings here otherwise you don’t get anything than a blank map or a cannot load map error message.
YOU MUST insert correctly the tile address and the min-max zoom level you actually created or have in your custom basemap, in this case I used custom basemap 3 with minimum zoom level 15 and maximum zoom level 18

Then SAVE it!!! and return to Default Settings and choose the new basemap.


We start the map building adding a new layer. Click Add new layer, refer to picture below.

Here’s a tricky point if you use a custom basemap different than default types.
The plugin come out of the box with the map centered at Wien Latitude & Longitude. So whatever you set in custom basemap at first you don’t see nothing at all.

Don’t be afraid, it’s very easy to solve it !!!

Take note of one of your locality present in your custom map and digit it in the Please select a place box.
How you are online immediatly you will be prompted with a serial of places including your one. Just select it and then click on publish
Upon refreshing the page will show you the page will show your map correctly. See below, my locality is Olimje in Slovenia.

Make your adjustment and some experiments then click on publish again.


Beside the publish button you find add new marker to this layer click it and a new window open.

Maybe also her you can have a to make the locality setting again. So I digited Olimje and my map was again on place.
You will see that the marker is already assigned to the layer created but you can also add it to more layers
Then I made my adjustments (see below) then click on publish button, don’t forget it!!!

Upon refreshing the page continues your adjusting, selecting the right icon and visually move marker to right place,
add text to display in the popup panel and more, (see below) then click on publish button, don’t forget it!!!


If you already created some markers this is the time you can share with this or other layers (see below).
Go to List All Markers

Ticks all chosen markers then go to Bulk action for selected markers and make your selection (see below)


One nice feature of the Maps Marker Pro plugin is the cluster marker .

It’s a nice feature that how says the word clusters the markers found inside a specific radius. You can set this radius and its colour in marker settings. Play a bit around with settings or visit the FAQ at Maps Marker Pro site.

Automatically cluster markers adapt upon zoom level changes (see two pictures below)


Zoom at various levels and make all your tests before publishing it.

When you are ready, look at the top bar and see a shortcode, select and paste it in your post/page or when creating a post/page you can add the chosen map clicking on the Add Map button you find in the WP editor beside all other functions.


Well, that’s all. I created a custom map of Olimje area with 4 video markers. You can check it clicking the below picture.

I suggest you free download the plugin and start practising with Maps Marker Pro

Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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