Creating a Two Page Wide HTML5 Photoalbum


Are you a proven bookmaker?
Have you read my previous articles about Fliphtml5? If don’t please read it first, this is an add-on short tutorial.

When you create a flipbook can get the need of having a two page photo, do you?

Well, go on reading but first download your free trial copy of Fliphtml5 to dip your finger.

Here’s the final look

Follow step by step my experience

1- Start Fliphtml5 and import your PDF file

2- Login and go to Edit Pages

3- Select Double Page View and Fit the Width

4- Select Image from Topbar Menu and draw the area you want to cover

5- Select the Image from your chosen location

6- Save & Exit

That’s all!!!

Don’t forget to have a look at the final product I made for this review, just click on the below picture

or this link

Stay tuned!
Animation tips coming soon!!!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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