Hi and welcome back to all readers.

I hear your question, Who or What is a Maps Marker Pro?

Well, the advent of digital world, often defined 2.0, and the progressive development of Internet has determined the need to redefine or creating ten of new roles.

Plenty of new “professions” emerged in last years creating new job opportunities but let’s go back to Maps Marker Pro.

If we make mind to the constant and frequently use of dynamic maps in websites (i.e. Google, OpenStreetMap, etc.), there is no question someone has to build such interactive and dynamic maps. Here’s, I depicted a new figure/role of a Maps Marker Pro.

Well, let’s consider in future if it’s a new job opportunity and focus on the 3 words: Maps Marker Pro.

They constitute the name of a very interesting and robust plugin to create custom and dynamic maps, Maps Marker Pro, indeed.

Who has read my posts since I landed from Drupal to WordPress world already knows how much I struggled to develop a multilingual website using free and open source tools.

Some days ago, I was not very satisfied of the pre-rendered fix png maps used to deploy the interactive promotional projects of tourism and culture in my websites and

So I tested some other free plugins to achieve different and better looking dynamic markers besides the used one and I get across leaflet-maps-marker wp-plugin also making use of leaflet library.

leaflet-maps-marker it’s a free plugin, younger brother of Maps Marker Pro, also with a good support and many features but if you are looking for a full customizable and powerful plugin that’s Maps Marker Pro your only choice!

We compare in a next post but at first glance the main difference is that Maps Marker Pro allow you to create multiple levels with multiple markers and single markers can be assigned to as many level as you need.

If I had to remake the huge work of my project maps I need a reliable and full customizable plugin like Maps Marker Pro to achieve a stunning and dynamic look.

That’s why after about four years in this WordPress realm with a huge plugin repository to dig your free favourite ones, I decided to give a chance to a paid plugin.

The very little annual fee is well repaid by the plugin richer features , the friendly and savvy support, without mentioning also the saving of time I usually spent in finding workarounds to customize the maps.

Dip your finger!

You don’t have to buy my words but can try the full functional plugin Maps Marker Pro for a free 30-day- trial-periodfirst.

In my opinion, the reliability of the author goes beyond, let’s see how many type of installation you can choose from. Below, shots from my first installation.

Option A: activate an unexpiring license key

Get an unexpiring license key at and activate the license key

Option B: get a personalized trial license key

You can test Maps Marker Pro for 30 days for free without any obligations.

Option C: get an anonymous trial license key

Option D: start an unlimited, anonymous test on a localhost installation

If you install Maps Marker Pro on a localhost installation (see available packages), registering a free 30-day trial license key is not mandatory and the plugin can also be tested without time limitation.

I chose the Option B – You can see the expiring date in the picture but then I subscribed a plus plan to use the plugin in all my websites for a limitless time.

How does it work?

That’s the topic of my coming soon posts, in the while I suggest you free download the plugin and start practising your new Maps Marker Pro role…

Stay tuned, new in-depth test coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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