Fancying how to Zip a Bull in a PDF?

Yes, of course!

If this is your answer or you are curious please, go on reading.

Some days ago I was looking for a good quality PDF printer because my didn’t work properly anymore.

I made a search in Google for a free printer and a long list of PDF printers was presented me but after making a serial of tests almost I gave it up.

Yes, mostly free PDF printer are really poor software with almost no options or at least, professionally speaking the final result is very poor.
Of course, you can say they are mostly limited to 150dpi but I suppose this is not the true reason for the poor quality.

Anyhow, by the end of the day I got across a strange company’s name Bullzip and decided to give it a try.

Well, after some tests I found out that you can really print whatever you like even with the freeware edtion Bullzip printer. But let’s go on depth to Bullzip printer options and settings.

Here is some screen shots so you can see what you get in the free package.

First example is printing my website’s homepage.

1-Press on Keyboard Ctrl+P to get the printing browser interface

2-Select your Printer, in this case Bullzip PDF printer

3-Select the pages to print

4-Bullzip GUI appears and you can make some selections

Check your license type (here’s free edition)

Define the Dialogue panel options

Compliance with PDF 1/A is deactivated but you can choose Acrobat PDF compatibility

If you select a non active option you will prompt such a message informing you need a different version to use that setting, See pictures above.

Select PDF compatibility

Free edition allow you only to print compress images on PDF document

Use macros to create dynamic text watermarks

Print on existing PDF as background – Use existing PDF as a stamp

Printing a Document as image file

Among other features:

Output formats (PDF, EPS, PS, BMP, PNG, JPEG, PCX, TIFF)

But as you can see this is the quality you get using the free bullzip printer edition

(actually this shot is a jpg 80% resolution, so true pdf quality is far more better)

Please, refer to this link for a product comparison chart

Second example – Printing from an old Corel Draw version

To be sure I made a short test with a very old graphic software , a Corel Draw version dating to 1994.

That’s the final result, always made with the Free Bullzip printer Edition

After this two tests I decided to have the expert license and once I set the license on its folder’s place all functions were activated immediately

Check pictures below and see that no prompt appears when deselect Compress images or select PDF/A-1b

One more important feature is the multilanguage GUI, you can choose among many important languages.

By the end of these tests seen the results I got in my mind the word game with the company’s logo you find in the title post.

I invite you to visit the website and give a try to this printer, it’s free and very robustlike a Bull!

Please, also visit my website and see Bullzip is among our new partners. This printer solved my problem completely to create perfect PDF compliant with other softwares used to create all new multimedia products such as fliphtml5 brochures and android apps

Stay tuned!
Coming soon, new reviews!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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