How to Create 2D-3D Animated Titles with Avid Marquee


If you are like me that many times don’t look at the bonus software you got with the main one, you’ll never used Avid Marquee indeed.
Oh yes! Avid Marquee that titration tool  with ugly and non intuitive UI you get with Media Composer.
But happen that some days ago I saw a title created with marquee and I decided to put hands and see if I could use or give it up definitively.

Well, the result is a 48 minutes lesson (sorry, in Italian) in which you get some clear and step by step examples, see pictures below

Example 1 – Light Settings

Example 2 – Creating 3D Object with Light Animation

Clicking on the picture you can read an in depth post and watch a short demo.

You can also buy the lesson on our store it’s available in file MP4 for instant download

I got a new special software to show you all!
Coming soon, new posts and reviews!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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