Discovering Pacaya-Samiria Reserve – Peru

The Pacaya-Samiria area is one of the most beautiful and protected areas of Peru. Very a few visit permits per years are released.

The Reserve is also home of several endangered species such as the Pink Dolphin, a special river dolphin not easy to spot.

You can get my 42 minutes long videoguide I created a few years ago when I cruised the Amazon River.

If you would like to go in Peru and visit the Reserve I strongly suggest to select one of the special cruises made by my trusted tour operator that I use since 1993. The Greptours – Lima (Peru) is a serious and trusty tour operator can provide you with all detailed information about the reserve and not only. Click the below logo to be redirect to one of the available cruises on Amazon River to Pacaya-Samiria. You can have Standard and Deluxe cruise on the Amazon River but all at affordable price, cheaper than any other tour operator.

Please, use this code ANGELO2015 to get a further discount or bonus.

Stay tuned more post, coming soon!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi

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