– A Wonderful Multimedia Project

Hello Everyone,

After a while missing, I’m back this time not with a software review but a terrific multimedia project called .

During my latest trip in Scandinavia, in middle August, I shot several interesting places from museums to natural sites but I felt something was lacking. I’m used to plan in details my work but this time I had let someone else to make the trip plot and was uneasy in shooting. I observed each place a bit detached and this let me focusing on different aspects of the journey.
One day, I was following this person without interest at all and entered a tourist information office where among many pamphlets one caught my attention.
The cover design and the logo was attractive, yellowish, simple but well stylised. I decided to create a new logo for my productions when back home. Day by day I started to concentrate in developing this new logo on my mind, no sketch no other signs on paper, just to avoid of showing my intentions.
Eventually, the terrible planned shooting trip ended and as soon as I board on plane I started making a resume of the places filmed but with my great astonishment I couldn’t link the places together neither in my mind nor in the paper.
For how much I tried to recall pictures nothing clear drew in my mind. I gave it up and tried to sleep then a new thought woke up, to use this uneasiness developed during the trip and soon an idea born: Eureka!
Put myself in the cloth of a total ignorant traveller that would like to visit the places I shot. It should have been a great mess and hours of searching and without any hint to start a good investigation sooner or later I should have given it up for sure the idea of visiting Lapland. Why? Because Lapland is just a name to identify an huge area encompassing four countries, mainly the Northern part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Kola Peninsula. A very scarcely inhabithed area with a plenty of lovely places to visit but hard to find individually if you haven’t a clear idea of what to search.

That’s the genesis of and here’s the logo, also invented by me
I invite you to browse the website and discover the project, I’l be back soon to tell you about the logo creation and meanings. If you own or manage an activity in Lapland can be promoted for a very little cost till middle December, so contact me.

See you, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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