How a Phantom Helped Me to get Active Links from a Printed Pamphlet


Nice to see you there reading this new post.
This morning I had to send some commercial proposal to new customers but their webaddres and emails were only in a printed pamphlet.

Well, maybe for most of you isn’t a problem you can go out and buy a mobile scanner or just stay typing them with the keyboard, latest it’s a very annoying solution but it works too.

I opted to check if I could use my flat scanner but another problem arose it’s not compatible with WIN7 pro only with XP.
No problem, once more the Foxit Phantom PDF Business  suite came in my help, I remembered last time I used it to directly scan a page and I went on this way. I set my flat scanner, launched my Foxit Phantom PDF Business and scanned my pages then I selected the OCR function (see picture 1)

OCR Function1

On hovering you have the chance to make your file selection, I selected Current File

OCR Function2

After clicking you see a pop up to select the language to be used by the OCR function, click OK and that’s all.
OCR Function3

Give a while to make all the searches and recognitions then you have a PDF with serchable text.
I hear you asking what about the active link?

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten it. Go to EDIT tab, hover over the Web Links button and make your selection.
Click OK in the pop up and the Jeux sont fait!, oh pardon that’s French a lovely language too, The Games are done!

OCR Function4

How you can see it’s very useful in several situation this Foxit Phantom PDF Business , so why not give a try. Click on the active link and free download the trial version, you will love it!

I’m coming soon with a new suite for flipping books.

See you, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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