My Visit to the Phantom’s Painting Shop

Nice to see You again,

I’m back to you with a simple report of visiting the Phantom’s Painting Shop in my PC….

Well, besides the word game I gladly discovered another powerful tool included in the affordable and easy to use

 Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business 

This time I’m going to describe in a few lines the Image Editor.

During the realization of the interactive FlipGuide on the Norwegian jazz singer Gjetrud Lunde (you can browse it here) I had the needs of retouching a picture which was in the PDF to be used.
I look for a function in  Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business  suite and discovered there was an image editor just at a click reach.


How does it works?
Very easy. First go to EDIT Tab select Edit Object Image then double click the chosen image to retouch and the below panel will automatically appears


There you can make almost all changes you usually do with more expensive painting products and when you finish just hit the Green Button on Right Topmost side labelled “Apply Changes” and it’s done!

phantomboxYou see what a convenience to get a Phantom in your desktop?

See you soon, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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