What about having a Phantom on your Desktop?

Hello, nice to see you again so many reading. Have you ever got a Phantom in your desktop? I got it and is very helpful, indeed! Well, besides the game of word I suggest you to give a try to this very useful software Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business 

phantomboxI discovered this suite by accident 5 years ago when it was at almost it’s early development stage and now the v. 6.2 is an astounding mature software competing with Adobe Acrobat but at very cheaper price.

Oh no, you don’t have to believe my words only but visit the link and download a 30 day free trial, full functional. AUTOMATICALLY CREATING LINKS Nowadays, creating a PDF can be easier than ever, almost all wordprocessor have a button to export your file in PDF or you can print virtually the document in PDF ready to be delivered. Well, in the second case you almost all the time lose the correct link present in the document and all http://www.anysite.com become just a mere bluish www.anysite.com but hyperlink is not there anymore. What a big problem if your printed PDF document has a plenty of hyperlinks! link1 NO PROBLEM, I GOT A PHANTOM IN MY DESKTOP, upon only 2 clicks the problem is solved!!! How to do it: Open the required file. Click on the EDIT tab and on the leftmost menu Web Links you choose the function Create links from URLs  In a bunch of seconds automatically all correct written URLs in the text will be transformed in operating hyperlinks. That’s all! See picture below to believe my words and don’t forget to download your trial copy to test it. link2 phantomboxYou see what a convenience to get a Phantom in your desktop? See you soon, stay tuned! Written by Angelo Giammarresi videomaker and multimedia producer www.wocmultimedia.biz

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