Your Astounding Idea is Now Flipping on Any Device!!!


Here I’m back to you with a new post on graphical software. I’m sure that in this era of animated world many of you would like to create stunning product.
You get an annual report but you are tired of introducing it to your boss in the usual format. Yes, PDF is sure not to be easily manipulated by inexpert user conversely it’s a flat and very schematic as hard to read in a tablet.
Have you ever tried to read a PDF on a tablet? I tested at least 5 different PDF readers and all fail when you have to turn the page. I have a 7 inch tablet and when I zoom into  reaching the end of the page you must zoom out and slide the new page then zoom in again. Very boring and distractive indeed.

How to solve this new challenge?

Easy, you can animate your papers using the newly version of FLIPHTML5 . Oh, yes I ear most of you saying this is the usual software ad disguised with tech post. Well, you can continue reading or go and having a coffee, it’s up to you, I go on relating my two years searching experience.

Are you still here? Glad to see you back reading.

Yes, in my previous post you already read my two years challenge to create a multilingual store so I don’t related it again here but thanks to this deep search I met different software to test for my other works, and FLIPHTML5 is one of these.

SInce 2009, I have been using another program of the same softwarehouse which I contributed to improve with my professional feedback and feature requests but of this I will tell in next post. I liked the FlipPDF Pro software cause it permit to achieve stunning result in just a few clicks but with the advent of iPad and demonization of flash based product I went in search of some new program easy to use without the coding stress.

First, I got another software you find it in my website news section but the problem was always the same, basically you had a good flash product with a very basic sliding page for mobiles.
Then, I tried to create a flipbook using a javascript library, there’s a free plugin but what a loss of time!!!

I was almost giving my search up when I received the newsletter announcing this new FLIPHTML5 product. I tested it and of course with my flash background I judges it a very primitive software. Html5 code was just notching the egg how can I pretend having a smooth professional looking result? But, I’m stubborn, my family name Giammarresi is a contraction of two Italian words (Giammai & arresi) can be roughly translated in Never Surrendered. So I sent a set of feedback pointing out what I considered a bare minimum to achieve for a professional use and they accepted most of my suggestions. In a few version the FLIPHTML5 was another of their best products.
Not only I found the features requested but also a plenty of easy to use features such as Editor Page and Animator Page, to insert rich content in the flipbook.

You can have a look at one of my flipguide to see how smooth is the page animation and the video feature.

I decided to write this post about FLIPHTML5 because I suppose there’s a lot of you suffering from my same problem of needing a good tool to make astounding creations.
I’m not a developer and I don’t like wasting my time coding in one or other machine language disentangling in bug’s jungle.

I like to define myself a content producer whatever medium used so I suggest you free download FLIPHTML5 and make a direct test. The free version let you create basic flipping books and publish free online, otherwise you can choose a premium plan to use advanced Editor and Animator page features.

Yes, I ear you saying and how do I distribute the created flipbook ?

Easily, can upon a click choose to convert how zipfile, html folder, drupal-joomla-wordpress plugin and more, that’s another excuse to give it a try and see it personally.

Come back to read the next posts where I delve a bit in depth into Editor page and Animator pages.
Sorry, before you go, do you know with the animator you can get animated Hot Spot linked to slideshow, videoplayer, musicplayer and more working very fine on any device including the iPad flash devil?  No? That’s another reason to testFLIPHTML5 for just annual affordable cost you can create very attractive products.

See you soon, stay tuned!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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