FlipGuide – A New Interesting Html5 Concept!

Hello Everybody,

Welcome back reading my blog.

During my long search for tools and plugin to set a multilingual e-store I had the chance to test several products either for WordPress or standalone, working more and less fine.

I tested free but not full functional tools as well as overpriced software for my main quest of achieving professional quality with modern features and by the end the search gave good results.

If you are looking for a single standalone product better you give it up the idea to develop a fine product, you need more than one good tool to explore new visual art concept.

In fact, after about one year I decided to forget techs limits of the products and using only their functional tools even for drawing a single line, like a painter using a brush just to add an infinitesimal leaf in depicting a giant jungle tree.

Here’s FlipGuide concept!

It’s a cross browser product capable to deliver any topic in a simple format viewable in pretty almost all devices either mobile or desktop computers.

FlipGuide is not limited to a specific OS neither Microsoft nor Apple or whatsoever such as you find in the different AppStores. No! Not at all.

Do you have IE, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Dolphin, UC or another modern browser, it works. You only have to check if your bowser is HTML5 compliant or not, that’s all.

Before going on you can click on the below picture and enjoy the FlipGuide: Sofiero’s Palace.

Sofiero’s Palace is the first of our FlipGuide serial created using clips from our shootings all along Scandinavia.

Soon, I will delve a bit more in techs details but in this article I first want to introduce you my new concept: FlipGuide.

Basically, each FlipGuide is made up by a 4 pages pamphlet including notes, info and a videoclip dedicated to a single topic such as Sofiero Palace, The Hell’s Cave and so on.

FlipGuide, is a medium to give the visitor a first taste of your activity, attraction or event so it can be tailored to fit any needs. At beginning, I develop it to promote my videoitineraries while giving basic info on what is the topic chosen complemented by links to attractions, restaurants, accommodations and tourist office site.
Following is another example made for a regional Norwegian fishing contest, just past. Contact Us to get a quotation for your promo FlipGuide.

FlipGuide: HTML5 & MP4 features
Briefly, to help you testing your personal browser I can add that FlipGuide is made in html5 and the clip video is coded in MP4/H.264 video codec.

If you like testing one of the tools we used to create FlipGuide you can visit http://fliphtml5.com/ , it’s an interesting software with a simple and intuitive GUI to help you create e-books in a breeze. The basic software license it’s free.

It has a bare minimum of features to convert PDF files in nice looking flipbooks. To get advanced CSS3 editor with animator and a plethora of features then you need to subscribe a priced plan. I suggest you having a first taste with the free tools then you decide. I wrote an in depth post on fliphtml5 that you find in the blog archive of Livejournal and WordPress.

Before leaving I invite you to visit the FlipGuide and other sections of our site www.wocmultimedia.biz

Thank you for reading so far, stay tuned! I’ll be back soon with more techs details and other software used to create this FlipGuide: a cross browser concept!

Written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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