Setting A Free Multilingual Store? Don’t Miss It!


Welcome back to my blog and wordpress free plugin investigation.

Have a look at this website in progress

It’s created with a very interesting theme called Virtue Premium , woocommerce plugin and paidmembershipspro .
If you use the Virtue Free Theme and don’t need a specific support you can create a mono-language website store completely for free, except the Host costs.

This is the new website multilingual store I’m creating in these days

After many tests you can read in my previous post, I can say that so far this is the best solution to get a multilingual e-store based on wordpress.

How you can see it is based on Virtue Premium Theme which feature a plenty of options such as Portfolio grid and separate section, Testimonials, Staff, Revolution Slider, Cyclone Slider, just to cite some of them.
The home page is completely arrangeable at will.

In my website you will see a revolution slider fullwidth, featured products and latest posts from the blog but you can add carousel icon, etc.

What I love is the Dynamic Category Filter you can use in the Shop Page and in Portfolio page too

Clicking on Category name products bounce back and forward with selected results.

Besides these features you have to add a very professional support that worth the money you pay for the premium theme.
In fact, now I can state that this is the best or maybe the only solution to create a multilingual webstore using woocommerce (free) and qTranslate (free). Usually these 2 plugins don’t like each other better woocommerce is created to make use of their paid multilingual plugin, that I should have paid but they don’t give you lifetime license only yearly fee license.
That’s very stupid and I boycott them as much as I can. Woocommerce is a robust ecommerce plugin but they give only paid support and any of their themes or add-ons  is based on annual license fee. Also their kind of interfacing plugin with qTranslate is based on this philosophy and doesn’t warrant any complete compatibility.

But, using my skills and politeness I succeeded to get full collaboration from Ben Ritner the Virtue Theme’s developer and Michel Weimerskirch who developed this simple but wonderful plugin qTranslate support for WooCommerce (free).

Using these theme and plugins you can get now a true compatible solution for your multilingual e-store.
Of course you have to struggle a little bit to put all together but I got my e-store including an only members area separated from woocommerce.

If you like my website to create a similar store you need to use these parts:
WordPress 3.8.1
Virtue Premium Theme
woocommerce plugin
qTranslate plugin
qTranslate support for woocommerce plugin
paidmembershipspro plugin

Thank you for reading so far, stay tuned! I’ll come soon with news on more IT products.
Review by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker and multimedia producer

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