Setting a multilingual market in Wordpress Jungle Plugins – New Updates!!!


I wish you are a lot out there to read my blog and first, I want to make you my best wishes for the coming New Year’s Eve.

Here I am to tell you about my struggle to set an free online multilingual store with WordPress.

Well, the previous post ended with a plause to TheCartPress by Aroha Digital that I found enough good to set such a multilingual store for free.

The picture above show the home page with a sliding carousel including the product of TCP cart. The theme used is free too and is supplied also by them, it’s called BootStore free downloadable from wordpress or their site.
Insofar, if you are not very exigent and have a little knowledge of html, php and css my statement it’s still true.
Besides, it’s compatible with the free plugin qTranslate.
You can see in the picture below the backend product page with my 3 languages chosen.

So nice theme, friendly support but when Wp released its v.3.8 and update was needed, some troubles arose.
I have to tell for my professional fairness that the friendly support helped to solve mostly of the problems but if you are in a hurry cannot wait for them. I suggest you to give a try and see if with your server works fine too. I used PayPal standard and service provider that created me some file upload size limit but it’s another problem. If you are in Italy I suggest not to use Aruba they have lower price but a very bad service in shared hosting. You cannot use Easy Digital Download cart with Aruba do not waste time in trials I did for 2 weeks then I gave it up, their server don’t allow the minimum changes.

If you are working wit a single language there’s no problem at all to find alternative cart but a multilingual store it’s a very big problem to set for free.

I suggest you to spend about 12$ and get a glueing plugin called woocommerce-qtml that can make use of qTranslate and the most used woocommerce cart which also have a plenty of dedicated themes also available for free.

I’m not completely sure because I haven’t given a try but if you don’t want to spent about 89$ for WPML plus annual renewal fee this is a way to try.

I’ll tell you next week.
By now, I invite you to visit a website under construction I am making for my client.

In this case I’m using woocommerce and the Virtue Premium Theme by the support is very quick and professional. The price worth for the many widget and option you have to control theme and cart in details, just to mention portfolio feature, slide in post/page, etc. click the link above to test a live demo.

Stay tuned, I have new tips for you soon!

Review by
Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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