Stop creating boring PDF but stunning ebook with FlipHTML5 in a few steps!!!

Hello Wonderful Readers,

Back to you with this interesting software I found out digging in the web chaos.
FLIPHTML5 is an easy to use software to create Flipbooks playable on any device. Let’s have a deeper look at it.
Go to and download the free standard version.

Step1 – Welcome screen

After installing, launch the program and this is the first panel appearing on your screen where you can start The Demo, manage your books online (we see it later), create a new project, and so on. I select Create New.

Step2 – Import File PDF – Quality Settings

Once you decide to create a new project, next step is to select the file to be imported and you can choose among different formats, I selected a simple tutorial in PDF. In the same dialog panel you can select the quality output I chose “high quality”.

Step3 – Select Converter Engine

In the same panel you are allowed to select between two different rendering process, the Inner Library or the Ghostscript based one.
I use the default setting, Inner Library, then click OK > Import Now

Step4 – Main Working Panel

Once the importing process is completed you are automatically switched to the main working screen.
Here you refine and optimize your flipbook. Let’s start with some customization.

Step5 – Theme Selection

The biggest button atop the left column is really inviting so click on it to get a pop-up panel with the different themes allowed for the chosen template. Make your selection and click OK.

Step6 – Template Selection

If the default Template isn’t to your liking there’s a chance you can find one fitting your desires in the tab Template. Click the tab to get the list of template to select from. Double click the template miniature to select which you like. Once more, back to main control panel you have to click on the flashing writing Apply Changes, also see picture below. If you don’t click this flashing button all of your variation are lost and not applied to the flipbook.

Step7 – Bookmarks Tab and Button

The third tab is labelled Bookmarks, click on it and see a list of imported bookmarks. If you don’t see any there’s no problem just create it or import your bookmark list created with a common wordprocessor. Once you are satisfied go on to step 8.

Step8 – Bookmarks Button

Clicking the Bookmarks button in the flipbook preview let you check how they appears in the final product. To modify colour background and text format use Design settings  on the left column.

Step9 – Page Miniatures

The Button before the bookmarks is dedicate to Page Miniatures, click on it to preview the quick page navigation in the book. Background colour is the same of bookmarks to ensure a constant style.

Step10 – Auto Flip

A nice feature is the AutoFlip function. You can set the flipping page interval in the left column. Once the reader click it automatically the book flip pages at regular interval and you can also add a background music loop.

Step11 – Sharing Features

Next to AutoFlip button is found the Sharing Button to share in all social networks or embed in your site copying/pasting the provided code.

Step12 – Rich Features – Editing Pages

The free Standard version doesn’t let you create a rich multimedia flipbook nor save the flipbook on local disk.
You can just preview the added value you get upgrading to Gold/Premium version. See for pricing
Now Click Edit Pages to preview some features. The interface is very intuitive, just select from the menu or the toolbar what you want to insert.

Step13 – Video Player Settings

I select Insert video player then click and drag in the page a rectangle to activate the plugin. Automatically on the right appears a panel with different settings to choose from. A video can automatically start/Stop at flipping page or having a manual start. You can also change position to the video or rotate it to fit specific needs, add border, shadow and so on. You can insert Camera View, Vimeo, Youtube, local video (mp4,flv), animations, buttons, links, text and dynamic text, and much more. Go on next step for picture insert.

Step14 – Insert Pictures Slider

Picture insert can be done like other object, selct the type from the menu then drag a rectangle in the chosen page to activate the related settings. I selected Add Rotation Photo for 3D.

Step15 – Preview Effects

Click Select Image to make your selection then click OK to be back in the Editing Page panel.
In the settings can choose different Slide Show styles, double click the liked and set your adjustments then click Preview to check the result in realtime. When you are ready on topmost right corner click on save and exit to complete the flipbook preview. In this case you cannot save it, so just click and exit.

Step16 – Publish Online and Local

Free Standard version doesn’t allow you to save on local but you have a 10 Gb online to be used.
Sign Up or Subscribe then proceed to next step.

Step17 – Select Output Format

Once you Sign up or login you are prompted with the format selection dialogue. You have 3 possible output options but in this free version only HTML is working, so click on it and go on.

Step18 – Titling the book – Description and Publish

if you push the HTML button you got this dialogue prompt where to add title and description to the book before latest true publish step. I add the title “BootStore Theme – Fliphtml5 test” then clicked on Publish and waited until the process end.

Step19 – Share the Final Book

As soon as the book is ready converted you are prompted with a new panel to share it in several ways, have a look at the above picture. Have you got this panel prompt? OK, come on to last step.

Step20 – Viewing The FlipBook Online

Here we are, The FlipHTML5 book has done is job perfectly how promised and you can flip your book online. To see my test click here

I Invite you to download and test this software, at least you can handle your flipbook on your desktop and publish online for free.

Hey you, don’t forget using this software you can play the flipbook everywhere also on iPad, iPhone and Android.

Thank you for reading, I’ll be back soon with a new article about my research on WordPress and ecommerce plugins to set a multilingual store.
Stay Tuned!

Review by
Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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