Setting a multilingual market in Wordpress Jungle Plugins – Part Four – New incompatibility!

If you tried to use my previous solution to create a multilingual store with free plugins you must be stubborn like me to go on so far.

I described my best solution just 3 days ago, when I chose woocommerce+qTransalte+Qtranslate Slug+Shop Front Theme.
It worked since I tried to upgrade to WP 3.6 then qTranslate stopped itself cause not compatible or at least not testes yet.
I restored the database and WP 3.5.2. but since then nothing at all worked properly.
I made several test changing category or creating new products but nothing at all, when making a search by category no product is found.
I went on for half a day before founding a post in the support of Qtranslate that stated the plugin wasn’t working with woocommerce.

Back to the earlier solution
So I gave it up but not completely and turned back to my very early solution: EDD++qTransalte+Qtranslate Slug+Shop Front Theme.

EDD commerce plugin is a simple but stable plugin, it works with qTranslate and Shop Front theme. It’s free and basic to sell digital downloads. In a few minutes it is set to sell your stuffs with PayPal.
You can see in action at

I went in contact with the sumobi support to fix some details I needed to be changed in the theme and this solution now works enough good. Of course, there are pros and cons.
Pros: It’s a free cost solution.  Full responsive theme!
If you want a professional solution don’t have to rely upon qTranslate cause it’s unstable and I don’t know why but many strings, even are correctly internationalised written, are not translated by this plugin. You need to use Qtranslate Slug which in turn also doesn’t accept some strings in the button while some other can you pass the language shortcode, hard coding it in the string. Besides, EDD Add Ons are a bit expensive or overpriced on my humble opinion.
In any case, so far I sugest do not upgrade to WP 3.6 qTranslate and his companion aren’t tested for latest WP version.

This is the new free cost solution (of course you can test other free theme too) I can suggest you to set a multilingual store.
WP 3.5.2+EDD++qTransalte+Qtranslate Slug+Shop Front Theme.

Coming Soon with new tests. Stay tuned!
Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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