Do you need a Custom Stunning 2D-3D Slideshow? Don’t panic, read it!


Welcome back to all readers, I’ve been a while away to continue my search for a very efficient free ecommerce plugin for WP and you will get a nice surprise in a very few days, so stay tuned, but now we’ll have a deep look at this new software.

During the building of my several WP testsites I looked for animations and effects to embellish the pages till I found out some good plugins and this Hi Slider software.
I liked it at first sight but previous version failed to satisfy me till the newest 1.0.3 which works like a charm in my WP site , click and visit the test result.

What do I like of this Hi Slider software? 3 things!
1- It’s a cheap software but with professional results, you can have a branded version for free or a commercial version for just $ 49
2- No code at all with easy and user friendly interface
3- You can output within a click the same project in 4 different formats

But let’s analyse it in depth and you will judge by yourself!

STEP 1 – Create New project

To follow this review/tutorial go and download the free version from
Once you installed Hi Slider just launch it and you will get the picture above, STEP 1 – click Create New to create a new project or upon next session you can choose to open an existing project. Also a Demo is available but let’s go on,

You can see the user friendly interface and everything is upon a click in the picture below.

STEP 2 – Select Media & Slider Options

STEP 3 – Set The Slider Dimensions

In this very intuitive interface You make the first, basic option settings. On the topmost row you find the slider dimension control box.
To create this test I let the default slider size

STEP 4 – Select Image Options

Once you set the slider size you can select among the 3 options for image size using the radio buttons below slider size.
Make images fully fill the sliders – Make the images automatically fit to the sliders – scale the images.
I chose Make images fully fill the sliders for the test.
Don’t forget to tick on the support responsive web design control box if your theme is a responsive one.

STEP 5 – Select Images and Videos
Next step is adding our media to the slider. You can choose between pictures or videos, even mixing the two types of media.
Pictures can be on your computer and videos from Youtube and Vimeo.

STEP 6 – Select Images and Videos Options
I selected 6 images from my pc then in the windows besides, make sure the tab Basic Info is selected then you can change the Title and add a description to each image. The description will appear has a caption in the slider. I chose to let the original picture name without description.

STEP 7 – Select Images Effects
The second tab beside Basic Info is named to Transition Effect where you can set an effect for the single image or to apply all.

You can choose a vast array of effect, just click and select the most liked. Also effects can be used in combination 2D and 3D to create a random effect. Pay attention that 3D effect cannot previewed in the Demo effect screen with actual version of Hi Slider . You just apply then you go to next creation step and preview it in browser. I let the default option checked to have all effects included in random effect, then I clicked OK.

STEP 8 – Select Images Action Options
You can see it’s very easy to set the options and actually without having to write a single code line.
Third Tab, labelled Action Info, is to set the action that the selected image must do when clicked by the user. You can set a single behaviour to be applied to all. I chose none, so there’s no click pointer hovering the slider. Click OK to create the project.

STEP 9 – Select Theme Options
In the image below You can see the Project Control Panel opening upon click the OK button.
Click the picture to enlarge it, but you can clearly see that here you can intuitively adjust all parameters.
On the left column you have 11 different themes template to select from while on the bottom panel you can see your media and related options, similar to those shown in previous step.

Pay attention, only 2 things cannot be changed (if I hadn’t made a mistake) at this point: Slide size and Image Scale options.
All other options are still available here and you can modify at will

STEP 10 – Select Custom Options – Preview
Besides the default settings you can customize most parameters to create a very personal theme.

STEP 11 – Preview The Slider in Browser
Once finished, you can preview the slider in the browser to see the actual result including the 3D effects.

STEP 12 – Publish The Slider
At this point you are ready to click the Publish button and Output the slider in the format needed in your site/application.

STEP 13 – Select Among 4 Output Formats
The Hi Slider software as said permits to output in the most used formats: HTML5 – WP – Joomla – Drupal
Click on the Publish Button then choose in the pop-up panel the preferred format. Give a name to the slider and select the path to save it in your computer.

STEP 14 – Create a WP Plugin Slider
To complete the test I selected WordPress Plugin and named the slider: HiSliderWOCmultimedia. The plugin name let The Hi Slider software after clicking on Publish button created in a matter of seconds the plugin and pop-up the confirmation.

STEP 15 – Testing The Slider As WP Plugin
The test is complete or better these are all the steps to create a stunning slider, and I’m sure you are clever than me, at least can do it in 10 minutes. I made this slider in 10 minutes so go on and defeat me!
Who is following my posts already know that I don’t give one thing for grant if I don’t try it first so let’s have a test in a WP installation to say it works!
You see in the below picture the created plugin in my pc, I used the Hi Slider software with win7 32 bit pro but it works in any windows software from XP onward.

STEP 16 – Installing The Slider As WP Plugin
Once you created the zip file you can upload in a Wp installation like any common plugin, so go to your WP site, I have mine with WP 3.6 installed and select Plugins > add new > upload > activate.
Then you will see to appear on left column of dashboard the Hi Slider section click to Installed Sliders, you will get screen similar to the picture below.
Have a look at the slider name, copy the shortcode beside and paste in a page/post, then publish and preview the page.

That’s all! Here’s the Slider created with Hi Slider software.

Click the picture or here to preview the result in your browser. You can download the same test slider how a WP plugin and test in your installation.

I wish you too can enjoy this software, don’t forget It create always a Slider which isn’t based on flash player so run on any device iPad, iPhone, Android & Blackberry included.

Stay tuned, I’m arriving with next report about creating a stunning ecommerce wp site market with free plugin and theme.

Review by
Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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