Setting a multilingual market in Wordpress Jungle Plugins – Part Three


I wish you all had a good time!
Here I’m with a new post about making a Multilingual Store using free commerce plugin.

So far, we have seen in the previous parts the search for and the incompatibility of most plugin available in this free jungle.
That’s the below is the result of my test store.

How did I achieve this result?
I spent some days in searching the commerce plugins available then I made a first choice selecting 3 of them. I selected Woocommerce, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) and WP E-Commerce, all three are free available with the minimum functions to set a store and have a plenty of Add ons to buy.

The Theme’s Choice
After searching for the commerce plugin another bet was searching for the right theme.
I searched for a responsive and compatible theme. I made a selection of about 25 themes to test. Of course, among the available for free .

Setting the site store
I set 3 different installations of WP, one for each chosen commerce plugin:
1- Woocommerce+qTranslate+Qtranslate Slug+ Mystile or Shop Front theme
2- WP E-Commerce+qTranslate+qTranslate Loves WPEC
3- EDD+qTranslate+Qtranslate Slug+Shop Front theme

All sites were working quite fine but with some little problems of translations in some case I could manage hard coding with language short code.

The Final Choice
Looking at all features and eventually the available Add Ons I chose the combination
Woocommerce+qTranslate+Qtranslate Slug+Shop Front theme
The theme is created to handle EDD commerce plugin natively but I liked the simple style so using the integration theme guide of woocommerce I succeeded to fit the little incompatibilities.  Of course this solution worked for me. I liked the nice style of Woocommerce product page style and it’s completeness just out of the box. If you use one Mystile or another of their free themes it’s a breeze to set a store.

Shop Front theme Features
Among the many features available with Shop Front theme I like the Color Pack which permits to change virtually any part of the theme. It has 22 adjustable hue points. Besides, It’s true responsive, at least I contacted the support and in a matter of hours the author created a patch to adjust my minor problems.

IMPORTANT: I f you like to use my solution don’t upgrade to WP 3.6 because so far, the qTranslate plugin is incompatible and get problems with product pages.

That’s all for the moment. Stay tuned!
Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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