Setting a multilingual market in Wordpress Jungle Plugins – Part Two


I’m back to you with a new post on my stressing experience of setting a multilingual e-market with WordPress.
Today, I will show you only the result achieved using 3 (yes you read well 3) plugins plus some add on chosen in the free list.

If you have a plenty of money you can buy the so called pro-version ecommerce plugin but you cannot test them before.
Just pay and hope you are blessed it works out of the box, yes of course you can hire a developer to create your site but go back to the 5 minutes installation of WordPress and it’s free philosophy.

We abandon the idea of buying plugin for the moment, I tried the technical support of some plugins making pre-sales questions. Two answered reluctantly to my questions other never replied at all. You can imagine if they don’t care pre-sale inquires what can be afterwards. I don’t tell you the brands just because isn’t my aim.

Above you see the actual “Front Shop” of my test site CLIP SHOP – TRAVEL TIME. To achieve this simple but functional shop I used 3 plugins: EDD (Easy Digital Downloads)qTranslateQtranslate Slug , 1 Theme: Shop Front by and some add on.

In this second post I will start with theme chosen Shop Front by

Responsive Theme – I tested at least 30 themes but for one reason or another they failed to satisfy my needs. The theme I searched had to be first of all Responsive, second it must be simple to update, full customizable, intuitive to be manipulated by a not experienced PHP developer like me and better if it worked out of the box.
I come from Drupal experience and that’s another planet! It’s difficult at first glance to set it and does almost nothing out of the box but if you study a few hours even a non PHP developer can use and modify themes in a matter of minutes, at least this is my humble opinion.

Why I chose Shop Front by
Simple to explain:
1- it works fine out of the box with the chosen ecommerce plugin EDD
2- It’s responsive
3- easy to set and customize
4- has a plenty of add on to enrich the basic features, mostly free and some that worth the few dollars you pay
5- It has a very very helpful technical support that I shall thank for the quick help.

I like the simple style of this theme Shop Front by, very essential and basic but with a few animation that enthral the user, even my 5 years old daughter liked hovering the product pictures to see the two buttons coming up.

Setting Add On
I scrolled the main page of the theme website and discovered a plenty of add on to be used for free among which I found out the one featuring the front shop striped tent: SHOP FRONT – AWNING . Once you installed it in two clicks you can set a colour among the 3 available (Blue-Red-Green) and if the tent must be fix of scrolling with the page. That’s all.


Continuing scrolling the  shop page I found another free add on interesting to enrich my basic product page, it’s called Easy Image Gallery it comes out of the box with 2 different styles: prettyPhoto – fancyBox

Besides the 2 embedded styles you can add your own preferred colorbox just following the few steps explained by the author in the gallery page. The picture above shows the prettyBox style I chose for my gallery animation.


Before going on I want to spend two word about the precious support I got from Andrew/sumobi, who in spite of being set in New Zeland, several time zones from Europe, he gave me a quick support to solve the problem.

You can visit the to find other add on like promote, colors, contact, style pack, typography and more. I wish you enjoy it.

The picture below shows the simple and clean checkout page which also figures both Test Payment and PayPal payment options.
I will write later about the EDD commerce plugin because just yesterday was released a new version 1.7, fixing some minor problems of compatibility with qTranslate and I need to test it better. In the while you can download and test it, it take a few minutes to set the basic configuration.

I invite you to stay tuned, coming soon the part three with some tips to set a free market particularly fit for digital downloads.

A special thanks to plugins’ authors supported my test site development.

Thank you all for reading. See you soon.

Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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