Ecommerce & Multilingual: a Puzzle in WordPress Jungle!


After exploring Html 5 I decided to dig into the so easy to use proclamed world of Word Press to create my market for file downloads.
“5 minutes installation” formula is almost true just to set the WordPress and out of the box you can soon type your post and bla, bla… but what happen if do you like to set an ecommerce or else?
It’s easy, a plenty of plugins among the 25,856 available so why worry? LOL! why worry? do you imagine digging to get a plugin?

In last two weeks I dedicated most of the day to set a multilingual emarket. I made a search among the plugins jungle to discover a plenty of “ready to use ecommerce” but I don’t like to spend a word for one or another because I could do wrong and are equally useless out of the box. If one plugin make coffee it miss the sugar spoon or vice-versa, so you need a new plugin to supply the missing functionality.
I tested 10 or 12 free plugins for ecommerce but if you need to set it correctly usually you have to upgrade to premium version…
When I found out a free one and succeeded to set it I tried to make a simple test that I think anyone can do without being a geek: I decided to sell file downloads and memberships as well….Result? You can imagine, free plugin makes one or the other not both.
I searched for a premium version to couple both functions but only a few do it and in a not so clear way…well, I’ll write more in next days about ecommerce plugin I’ve one more to test.
Here’s a plugin I want to mention for multilingual use, why?

Easy to use and friendly support. It’s the Ceceppa Multilingua plugin I tested it and I liked the friendly interface you can see below the main screen shots

I want to spend two words about Alessandro Senese the plugin’s author. I contacted him and in a matter of minutes he replied with a solution to my problem but you can write him in Italian or English to get a quick reply. Before setting a new plugin I usually read the support forum to see how it works. This of Alessandro Senese aka ceceppa astonished me for is dedication to the support and always in a friendly way, with good manner.
If you need a multilingual plugin try this ceceppa multilingua it’s regularly updated, have a very good support and an intuitive interface.

See you soon
Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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