If the Universe Calls You?

Hello Everyone,

Today, I’m going  to talk you about my meeting with Michael Drake, shaman and very good writer. Some month ago, how I wrote in my previous post, I got across a Michael Drake’s book by accident (!?) I was searching on play.google.com for a book about shamanism in Tuva but I met his first book: “Shamanic Drum: A Guide to Sacred Drumming“…

Sceptic, I started reading the first pages and I found myself immersed in the writing so deep that in a few minutes I’d read the complimentary chapter.  I don’t know why but I felt to write him and in a few hour I add a new friend at my list. He’s a very humble person and well trained in this field of shamanism. But I’m a westerner and Italian so my scepticism was always predominant at first. I asked him some questions and I got complete answers on the topic. I continued reading his first book discovering that a drum hanging on my wall since 1995 want to be used…he needed some repairs and Mr. Michael Drake gave me some suggestions so in a few days my life had a new chance of journeying instead of dwelling peaceful in my office. So far, you can say it’s normal, nothing out of the ordinary meeting or life event! But, let’s go on and see… I’m film director and fond in old traditions, especially from northern Europe where I’ve been several times and created many videos including Saami traditions. Please, have a look at the book cover below….

Yes, you are right, it depicts a ceremonial Saami Drum! This book is the latest of Michael Drake which he had just finished to publish when I met him and I’ve asked him about divination with drum on Saami culture. I hadn’t seen this cover. I didn’t know neither  his book nor the cover but the picture on the book is quite similar to my drum replica.
No problem, you still say, this is the case! I remember that a lie repeated 3 times became a truth so for me two event became worth to investigate. I tested myself and dive into drumming…good experiences and…. I went on reading I finished to read the first book and bought this one.
Just, I read the first pages I found myself mirrored in the writing…he said was raised with love for books as I stated in my previous post…then he described some personal experiences which I felt like mine…I haven’t yet finished to read this book but so far, it seems speaking about me to me!
What amazes me is the friendly, easy way he explains very deep topics…as usual I don’t like to describe the book content but what it transmitted me. I suggest you to read it just for curiosity even though I know by the end you want to investigate about Universe, beat, drum, sound, linkage, human bonds, atom, electron, harmony…vacuum and solid…thought and energy…places and moreover your place! Ok, I agree with you. Your to busy to make such questions in this daily life but if not now that anyone is sinking in a strange liquid not so well identified when you hold the handbrake and have a look at yourself?
You can make the difference not only in your family, or enlarged family or virtual community but in the world, in this world!!!

If you are reading this post, it isn’t a case but is your turn!
Don’t ask me to say more about Michael Drake or his books…Please, have a look at his page on Amazon.com or play.google.com and read the complimentary pages…maybe, we meet again to read about your journeys this time.

Angelo Giammarresi
filmaker and multimedia producer

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