HMTL5 – What a great “Puzzle” idea !

Hello Sirs,

My frequently readers know I’m not a tech geek but a content producer which like to experiment the use of new containers…so if you are looking for an in-depth tech article better skip over otherwise go on reading and you can find some useful suggestion too.

Recently I wrote about my HTML5 experience how a novice developer…I knock at several frameworks door to understand how to use it, better how to start…lol experience…but my family name in Italian means “never surrendered” so I went on and realized the first results you can get a free app here of my editing course or click on this miniature

The impact on my download units was very strong, in a few days they increased to a thousand from just a very few units.
I continued my search and also testing the new beta and rc version of JQuery mobile to find better improvements even though they are very far from having an easy to use framework but anyhow it works and learning curve is faster than Maqueta or Jqmobi.

So I created a new tourist guide using my content here’s another free download you can get but first give a look at the miniature and see the new
Did you catch it? Yes, I add a new button “Puzzle” so born a new tourist guide concept having a game incorporated.
This was possible thanks to an old plugin at first not working inside JQmobile even using their migrating script.

The problem was simple I didn’t want neither a mobile website nor tied the user to an internet connection otherwise it was easy. When I ask to the support of course they laughed at me, why I wanted to force a user to download a zipfile instead of simple using Ajax driven webapp from a website? Simple but not for them.
I want my file works on local, without internet like a native app when a user buy it….
Did you get the file? Well, let’s go on!

This means a simple thing if you want to create today an original product you cannot unless spend a lot of time and rely upon yourself!
What do you say, that’s all? That’s all? Come on and go on reading!
After this experiment I was a bit more experienced with JQuery mobile and started thinking how to better customize the webguide style…do you want to have a free download of the new style? Yes, why not, but later on.

The Puzzle experience!!!
Adding a puzzle and also the first post I wrote about my HTML5 experience on this blog journal increased more the download units so of course I decided to test what made possible this jump on the downloads and I decided to release a simple game…why not a puzzle?
My little four years old daughter liked to recompose shuttered pieces of common cartoon’s pictures then in a while I though to make she a surprise shattering one of her watercolours…Great, it sounds a very wonderful idea!

click on the picture to get the full collection

Puzzle with children watercolours this is where come from the title of this post!

I created the WebPuzzle – AISHA, a simple sliding puzzle you can get the first one free clicking on the picture below

To make the puzzle more attractive to experienced user there’s no auto-solving button…so far it has reached only on one market more than 7000 downloads, a little good success for a novice developer! The puzzle lovers can have the single Aisha-puzzle at 0.50$ or the complete collection with 7 games for only $1.99.

Click on the picture to get it.

Before closing, I want to reveal you a trick I used to create this inside JQmobile… In spite of any support suggestion I deactivated Ajax function and made straight html link to pages…isn’t maybe an orthodox method but it works from local and with almost all browsers including the strange Firefox and the new IE as well as in any HTML5 compliant webkit based such as safari, chrome and opera mobile….

Next post will tell you about new modifications I did to my product and the hassle to succeed in it! For now that’s all. Have a fun!

written by
Angelo Giammarresi
videomaker & multimedia producer

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