Is it true Shaman arise empathy?

I was grown up with bread and books which of course where mainly tales and legends in my childhood, and
this affect my life and as well as my present work of short-film director.

I remember myfirst book about now called First Nation or Native people but at thetime they just were Indians…and among them a figure stroke my fantasy the “Medicine Man” or “Shaman”. He was always depicted dressed in a strange way, full of little bones and various several odd pendants and other tinkling gadgets…

Of course, according with Christian writers and/or publisher thoughts “Medicine Man” had to be in contact with devil so to avoid of creating a positive vision in the reader but they almost never succeeded completely , at least with me.

I always brought with me this strange empathy feeling which arose every time I heard the word shaman but of course contrasting with the scholar education and new medicine achievements…he was a primordial figure, something to be far distant from reality better to be considered a possessed by devil why not a stupid maniac as well as his believers… My documentary productions brought me around the world for more than 25 years during which the attraction for old traditions grow more and more till I met some people in Finland first than in Norway, awakening this old empathy…one day I met a Navajo Medicine man in my country, in Europe, and again the empathy arose.

Why or what make this empathy arise? I spoke with many common people and even they fear to be contaminated by old superstitions in any case nobody could speak bad about Shaman… Well, I think an answer can be related to our childhood’s book or maybe there’s something else much more deeper in us? Yes, latter is a good answer.

According to a very interesting book I just finish to read, everyone of us is a potential Shaman. Is it true?
Well, about two months ago I was looking for a book inspiring me a new destination for my documentaries. I didn’t like to make a common work so I made a search on digitizing the word Siberia first then Shamanism and I get across the
impressive book of Michael Drake, The Shamanic Drum a guide to Sacred Drumming.

Before reading it I suppose was one of those books that after 100 pages have not discovered anything but I gave it a chance and started reading the complimentary first chapter. Maybe you can say I’m making a review of the book but I can state that I discovered a new wonderful world… I got the book and also made a good relation with the author, Michael Drake. He taught me how to discover and walk an invisible way which existed within me since ever…a link, a bondage or connection whatever you like to call it which ties all together in the Universe…anyone is in a mutual relation not only within his/her family but within the environment,
the things and Universe… Ok, I see, you start laughing and saying I’m a new visionary… but have you ever drummed in a sacred way? No, sorry, you are wrong! You don’t need a special power, you don’t need special garments, no tinkling gadget or bones in your nose, you can still be a top manager wearing Armani or Valentino suit… what do you need,  indeed?
I like Hitchcock who didn’t want people reveal the film outside the cinema I don’t give you the answer but suggest you at least to read the complimentary first chapter, also on Michael Drake’s Amazon page….

See you soon, I will tell you about my drumming experience… (to be continued)
Thanks for reading so far.

Angelo Giammarresi
multimedia producer

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