Do not repack your Android app for Blackberry!


I’m not used to write bad about a company but after many years of being in the multimedia production market I cannot stand the behaviour of some kind of management.

What’s happen? Simple. I lost more than one month to get one of my app approved in the new BlackBerry portal receiving just a rejected message…
But let’s go back at the beginning.

I received an email inviting to submit my Android app to BlackBerry portal. It should have been easy just a few clicks away.
They prepared a gadget because only a souvenir gadget can be called it.
You have a panel to enter your app and android location they make a check and after a while you get a notice that your app is suited for new OS10 and Playbook system. You can click on next to continue and repack the app. So far, it’s nice in 5 minutes.
But after clicking on next you are asked to apply for a free code/ certificate to be mailed in 48 hours.
I received the 2 mails with different codes and so on….blah blah so it’s not a few clicks away but nevertheless I decided to play the game till the end. I restart the verification gadget, click on next and repackaged the app in their .bar file.
Fantastic or terrific, not at all!
You have to apply for a vendor account, ok! I succeeded and proceed further till you land in a very Mars’ page… I succeeded to understand their specific technical language but in no place is mentioned about Android repackaged app or whatsoever similar…you must be a saviour or a tech savvy or at least having developed for them to know all their system and compatibility with your app.
I don’t know which saint guided me but I found the way to publish 9 apps in English and Italian all successfully repackaged by their tourist Gadget.
I wait for about one month then I received a message that my app was refused because have some issues not corresponding to the truth at all! I went to their  portal to discover that other 3 apps had been temporarily refused but one was judged ready to be put on sale. WOW! Terrific but I started laughing the so potential approved app was the n.2 of a serial made like carbon copy so it was astonishing having the n.1 refused while the n.2 was technical correct.
Anyhow, I opened the n.1 erased all external link driving to Android playstore and submitted it again where it still is.
WHILE, I received that my app n.2 was definitively rejected because Android app are not suited to be considered built for BlackBerry neither can participate to their fake 10k competition because only app created with their SDK are accepted.

So, This post is just to say you not waste time to transform your Android app in BlackBerry version they will refuse it and beside there’s a WORST behaviour in their terms is stated that you cannot participate in any class action, they can use your idea to create other product without giving you any rights, they/this special team can refuse at only their judgement if an app is useful or not for the user….I’m astonished this is a behaviour we had in 1939 in Italy… How can a group of people decide what is correct or not while the same refused app has been downloaded about 6000 times in another market and my editing course first free lesson hit 12000 in 3 weeks?
I haven’t develop for them nor I will lose time because my apps work the same in their mobiles both in apk and web-app (HTML5)!!! The same is for AppleStore but that is another discussion related only to dictatorial way of selecting the app.
Freedom has no price!!!!!!!!!!

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