How Tourism can benefit from HTML5 – part 3


I got some very useful feedback that confirmed my idea that HTML5 is a very important IT achievement but still lacking off a very good standard strategy….Maybe is missing a consortium like the one created DVD first and Blue-Ray later.

Plenty of foundation and not fill their mouth with this acronym, very easy to remember but difficult to apply.

You can try to spend some days of your life to understand from where to start…then maybe you get across the most famous website’s frameworks and believe to get the solution but a few lines beyond the magnificient title begins the adventure… Such a lovely map in a iframe I want it in my app, what an astounding carousel and turnflip page effects I like I want to it too…

What make me laugh now is to remember the very first time I visited one of this website…I was sure that in a few minutes like was stated in that a page I should have developed the container for my videoguides…what a delusion to discover that such easy declarative way of creating pages meant to read and watch a serial of tutorial before you could at least have an hint of how to start.

So far, I haven’t mentioned any framework and some of you asked why I don’t express my opinion?
It’s easy because each of them have a bunch of useful things to add to your website or app. It only depends on your skilfull, talent and Java Script knowledge, which was very a minimum for me.  I suppose maybe latter was  my truly difficult. Before going on, I invite you to click onto the picture and download this nice web-joik of Piera Jovnna Somby a Sámi musician living in the far North of Norway.

To create this simple app that I call WebJoik, because this Sámi chant is called JOIK, I used JQMobile. I found it enough easy for someone like me having just rudimentary knowledge of html, css and javascript but if you don’t have the bare minimum knowledge of such tools/languages is better you give it up and ask a developer to strive for you… Nothing works correct out of the box…plenty of time you need to create a compromise with your idea, graphic combination and product result but if you are firm you can succeed like I did. Dont’ forget most of the problems arise only if you want to create an offline product otherwise the way to achieve a success is a bit easier!

Here’s my latest WebGuide – ISLANDA 2 / Iceland 2 – Sorry, it’s only in Italian but it cost just 0.29$!

Here’s a link for BlackBerry and other HTML5 device compatible such as iPad, Android, PC, Mac, etc. The file is file.

Here’ a link for Nokia – Windows Mobile devices and PC. The file is a self extracting .cab file

I will keep up to date this post to share with you tips and results.

See you soon!

Review by
Angelo Giammarresi

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