How Tourism can benefit from HTML5 – part 2

Here I’m!!!

Hello everybody,

First of all, thank you to the 2000 and more people downloading the WebGuide – Islanda 1.
I’ve been away a couple of days facing new challenges with HTML5 products.

Hands Up who already answered “Yes” to the question about HTML5 and tourism benefits! I know already many of you agree with me.

But still after I published the first part of this topic I received some feedbacks pointing at another question I supposed was not so important, at first, the “target age”. Young people share with common people the lack or low interest in content but in interactivity.

Here we are again facing new challenges with Web-App!!! Who is used to work with special effects and video editing is acquainted to add transitions between clips so I’m then I immediately realized the great difficult.

I had decided my web-guide has to work on local not online, so how to handle it?

(click on the picture to get the newest version)
Please, don’t say soon it’s easy!
Again, I went to make some more test and learnt that with the framework I was using transition occurs only when the call for next page is made via Ajax…what’s this a new soap-dishes? Many of you is laughing at me now!
But let’s go on after cheering up a little bit. Yes, Ajax is a formidable intuition to make smoother and quickest the page change and so on, how it works you can digit the word in a search engine to become crazy.
You can deactivate such option? Yes! But you cannot make the transitions between pages.

– New framework features

(click on the picture to get the newest version)

Well, I decided to deep a little bit my framework knowledge and profiting of their latest (unstable) RC1 I tried to use some new
features and here we are again. You can click on the picture above to get the new version and test by yourself.

– Not to rely upon one plugin –
I should have ma de it easier or better use a plugin I found out interesting which simulate a book turning page like this little book I wrote for my daughter
(click to download it in Italian but you can find Spanish version too)

How one of my biggest challenges was making correctly working the puzzle and it took me 2 days before getting an optimal solution.
I opted to not rely all the WebGuide upon a single plugin, it can become obsolete and maybe not so compatible with the newer framework’s versions then I’ve to take up studying code upon code again.
You can see the result is simple but with nice interactivity even without page transitions, it works on local disk, just download the zip or cab file, extract the folder and double click the index.html file you find inside it.
(sliding puzzle game)

– Important Notice – Browser Compatibility
This WebGuide works fine on any HTML5 browser compliant but check if your browser is compatible with video MP4/H.264, for instance Chrome, Safari and other webkit based especially on desktop PC. While on mobile you can also include Boat, UC, Opera Mobile. I tested the WebGuide on iPad, Android tablet, BlackBerry and watching the download statistic also Windows Mobile is very compatible as well PC/Mac.

(Travel Info Section)
What’s new in my WebGuide idea?
Besides the widely usable HTML5 format I develop the WebGuide focused on the usefulness but with simplicity and relax as main concept.
In fact, excepted only for the links suggested in the Travel-Info section, you can enjoy entirely offline the content.
Each WebGuide includes a video clip, a sliding puzzle game, some collection’s notes and a Travel-Info section.

WebGuide – Islanda 1 / Iceland 1

Download it free for iPad/iOS , BlackBerry , PC e Windows Mobile OS , all other devices and Mac

Thank you for your attention, if you like I create a WebGuide for your country, museum, park, etc. just drop a comment here or send me an e-mail.

Stay tuned, the WebGuide – Islanda 2/ Iceland 2 is coming very soon!
See you!

Review by
Angelo Giammarresi

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