How Tourism can benefit from HTML5


I’m back to you after making some new experiments, you know the life without making new experience is like a Champagne without bubbles!
After having heard and read about HTML 5 format I suppose that anything could have been easier, do you believe is true?
Not at all…do you want to make a video for watching in a mobile well you have to consider that some video are already not accepted by the mobile system, other have become obsolete and so on.
Besides, as it was not enough there’s a stupid war between browser’s pseudo free foundations.

(click on the picture to download the web-guide free)

Who remember the idiot battle between Apple and Windows where one is stockholder of other? Or Internet explorer and Netscape?
were very silly respect today browser’s problems…They promote the so
called augmented reality but try to add something in your project that
isn’t in the genius prepacked templates! But….Let’s go on with my experiment!
The picture above is my travel guide concept…out of the ordinary and current idea of tourism fast-food. This  can be considered a prototype product is created in HTML5 using one popular but very limited framework, it doesn’t matter the name there’s plenty of frameworks available and ready to make you crazy.

In spite of all the inconveniences I create this Web-Guide about Iceland.

So after solving cross-browser compatibility I think tourism can benefit of the new video and audio tag… Do you want to know more about my experiments let’s read the next post…..I invite you to click and download this first Web-Guide you can watch on iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, Nokia and PC or Mac.

(to be continued)

Review by Angelo Giammarresi
Film Director

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