Convert Your Flash Animation for TV & Mobiles

Hello my friends,

Have you ever wondered to have your animation watchable everywhere, out of your computer?
Does your client asked for having animation burnt onto DVD to play on TV?
It happened to me, yesterday….I spent several hours to search and test free stuffs that didn’t work how promised and a bunch of them having a trojan virus too. Then, I remembered that I had converted a Power Point To Video with a cheap software from I visited their site and found this cheap but very useful software A-PDF Flash To Video

But let’s see how it works in a few simple steps

Step 1: Select Input & Output

Select your file to be convert and the folder where to output it. After you choose your animation it appears on the right window so you can check it.

Step 2: Select Output Format

Then you must select the output format wmv-avi-mpeg and see picture below, you can set all correct parameters clicking on Advanced video settings and Audio settings

Step 3: Set Advanced video and Audio settings

Clicking on Advanced video settings pops up this panel where you can choose input and related output format. Usually, when you choose the video format, audio is set automatically but better you have a check clicking on the Audio setting button.
Important: Audio can be set from the Animation or using a microphone!!!

Step 4: Set Video Properties

Now it’s time to set video dimensions using the width/height box then you are ready for the last step.

Step 5: Play animation & Convert to Video

Play your animation, press Conver To Video button to bring up the following panel and start capturing your FLV/SWF file.

Step 6: Capturing the FLV/SWF file

When you see that your animation is ended just click the Finish button and your video is saved onto your hard disk ready to be used as you like it.
That’s all!!!! It takes more to say than doing it….you can have a free trial copy at this page A-PDF Flash To Video don’t forget it cost just a few dollars.
To watch free the book of this example please visit this link Feel the Universe by Frances Ward

Reviewed by Angelo Giammarresi

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