Pop Your QR Code Out of the Crowd

Happy New Year to All of You!!!

This morning I woke up with the idea of finding a new way to sell our products as well as creating a new service.  I was glancing at the newspaper while having breakfast when an Ad captured my attention… it was showing a QR code in different colour then B/W.

That’s a good idea to start experimenting and I went in search of a QR code generator but what a mess? It seemed I had been sleeping for centuries while a forest of online and free offline (?) QR stuff grew on the web. I tested one qr generator online and playing with some painting software I create this custom QR picture

Custom QR picture

Custom QR picture by Angelo Giammarresi

Now the purpose was to create several QR Code without the hassle of relying upon online service…such a big bet! I spent about 5 hours searching the web and testing miraculous software when I came across with this website http://www.techiediy.com I read the post and tested the free generator which worked but not having some features I needed so, I decided to contact the support.

In a matter of minutes, Mr. Tom Litchfield Managing Director of TechieDIY.com replied me proposing to test their QR Code Generator Pro version which worked like a charm in my system. Here’s some pictures to show you the simple use of this great software

Step 1 - Choose the QR Format

Step 1 – Choose the QR Format – Seleziona il tipo di Codice QR

Step 2 - Select Background Colour

Step 2 – Select Background Colour – We suggest use lighter colours – Seleziona il colore dello sfondo – Preferite colori chiari

Step 3 - Select QR Code Size

Step 3 – Select QR Code Size – Seleziona la dimensione del codice QR

At this point “Save” and that’s all !!!

Using this software I created other customized QR code just for funny…

Customized QR Code with Text

Customized QR Code with Text – QR Codice Personalizzato con Testo

I think this QR Code Generator Pro is a very useful and cheap software,
it costs just $5
but save you a lot of hassle. Besides, do not forget the very valuable and professional support service.

Let’s give a try!

If you liked this techiediy.com product read also of their newer product about fitness with Wesley Virgin

reviewed by Angelo Giammarresi
copyright World On Communications – Italy

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