3D FlipBook made easier than ever


Welcome to read this review.
Today, I’m going to show you the newer version of the stunning 3D Page Flip Professional software. If you need to know the use in details, please check my full review here

In this new version I appreciate the company’s idea of restyiling their software giving it the same interface look of FlipPDF Pro & Standard version. It means that the user can easily start working in minutes using its previous skill without losing time to learn all options.

Let’s see some features and screen shots.

1- Opening Dialog

The new Opening Dialog make easier to choose how to start the project using a common style interface mostly used in new windows 7 systems.

2- Improved 3D Effect

I found better improved the 3D effect. The book go further backward and turning page its smoother.
Clicking on the Theme button you access the installed themes but also can download new themes from the provided link

If you like to have a look at newest themes visit the dedicated page

3- Edit Page and Zoom Function

Using Editing Pages is very easy and the new restyled zoom function permit to quickly zoom in-out using the Ctr+mouse wheel.
Functions that can use are the most common link, slideshow, pictures, button, video, etc.


Exporting dialog permit to choose which format to output. You can select among HTML/Flash which include mobile features for making the flipbook readable on iPad, iPhone, Android devices and more but also, you can select to create a complimentary ePub file to use on any mobile device.
Other output are zip and exe.

This is a final shot of our test.

I suggest you to give a try and download the free trial!

Review by Angelo Giammarresi
Videomaker & Multimedia Producer
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