Give Fresh Air to Your Old Video with The Revolutionary 3D converter from Movavi

Hello Everybody,

How director of multimedia products I try to keep my production update but of course not always it could be possible due to very expensive technology.
It’s the case of 3D videos but I’d like to create my videoguide both for mobile and TV set in this astounding new 3D format.
Navigating the web and testing several free and on trial stuff I discovered one interesting but easy to use and complete converter.

It’s a simple software, not expensive at all released by Movavi it is called Movavi Video Converter 3D and cost about $50 but it worth thousand dollars.

I invite you to continue reading this review and you will agree with me that this software can make the difference in your production or services.

Step 1 –  Download Free Trial and Launch the program

Step 2 – Import your files

The interface as you can see it’s simple and similar to many editing software so, it’s very intuitive and easy to find how to start.
But in case you are at first attempt just press F1 and immediately pop up the Help section, a very useful manual in plain English.

Importing video you can import from File/Folder or from physical DVD, we did from File/Folder and imported the TS folder of our guide about Northern Iceland

Step 3 – Choose the 3D format

Next action to do is choosing the 3D format you want to export to. In the monitor will immediately appears the output 3D format. You can choose between Stereo (SideBySide) and several types of Anaglyph format.

Besides, You can also use Movavi Video Converter 3D to create a Gallery of pictures extracted from your video to create a slideshow, see picture below.

Step 4 – Editing the Video

Very useful is the realtime editor that allow you to visual set in and out point, here called Left & Right Marker.
Once you set the video portion to be converted go to next step.

Step 5 – Adjust 3D Parameters

Very important is this feature of the Movavi Video Converter 3D and is where it win over the competitors that in turn offer straightforward conversion without options or just the depth slide is present. Here, you can set 3 parameters that make you create a very new 3D video according with your needs and style. Besides, you can play it in full screen upon a click of the button. See picture below.

Step 6 – Adjust Export Settings

Another rich section of this software is that of the full customizable Export Presets.
You also can save a current frame in several picture format, see picture below.

When you are ready click the convert button and you get the 3D Movie to be uploaded in your devices or burnt onto a disc.

Resuming with just $ 49,99 you can transform your old 2D movie in fresh and update 3D videos and watch in any suitable device.
Are you curios but undecided? No problem, click the picture below and download the free trial and test it.

I like this software and I wish you too. Thank you for reading. See you later.

Review by Angelo Giammarresi

Videomaker & Multimedia Producer
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