Creating a 3D Flip Album with Your Photos in 5 minutes


I’m back to you with the review of a very affordable and easy to use new software. It’s part of the serial product 3DPageFlip,  to create realistic 3D Books.

3D PageFlip for Album

If you have downloaded the trial version of the software I reviewed last times you already know the astounding quality you can achieve and in a very few moments. Let’s start to see this new software.

Step 1 Start Program

Starting the program with a double click on its icon we land on the main interface, very intuitive and easy to use. Looking at the picture above you can see that the menu is very complete and let access all functions in a while. We add 4 pages and some photos to each page.

Step 2 – Menu – Add Photo – Clip Art – Background

What lovely, funny and curious is to add clip art included with the software that make unique every album. You can create sound tale and other lovely publications.

Step 3 – Mask Settings

Besides adding a Clip Art, for any picture you can manipulate the Mask Shape, Adding Lights and other colour effects, all with simple and intuitive WYSIWYG settings.

Step 4 – Lighting Settings

Step 5 – Publishing Settings

Once ready, click the Publish Button to land on the new interface where you can control some settings, adding Logo and URL for the book, choose Interface Language and more.
Upon completing your settings just hit the Convert button to finalize the Album.

Step 6 – Output Settings

Last Step to take is choosing the Output Format then in a few minutes the book is ready to be flipped.

Step 7 – Final Product

This a full screen shot of our test 3D Page Flip for Album ready to be browsed and we appreciated a lot the chance that the user can bookmark and write annotation about a specific page while viewing.

Step 8 – Annotation/Bookmark Function

That’s terrific achievement in a few minutes. Don’t believe it?

Click to browse online our test  or better download the product trial version clicking onto the picture below.

3D PageFlip for Album

Review by Angelo Giammarresi
Videomaker & Multimedia Producer

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