5 minutes to Create Realistic Astounding 3D Books with Your Pictures

Hello here I’m again!

New review for a new astounding product

3D PageFlip for Photographer

I am a fan of this software house and I have tried almost all products because they are both easy to use and professional looking.

I needed to save my pictures and create a little album to show to some new clients when browsing the net I get across this new software and it’s affordable price attracted me.
I free downloaded the trial version and start testing on a common PC with XP so, it’s useful also in old machine.

But let’s start and see it in action.

Step 1- Double clicking the program icon and we find in this intuitive interface (UI)

Step 2 – Loading Photos

Loading Photos it’s very easy just click on the Add button on top of the right column and browse your system as usual.

Step 3 – Page Settings

After loading all pictures you can click the Settings Button to adjust the Page Settings using the pop-up panel.
It’s very intuitive as you can see from the picture above. We set an horizontal picture size, just make the width bigger than height size.

Step 4 – Layout Page Set

Every page can have a different layout and page settings. The software has many Preset Layouts.

Step 5 – Widget Frame & Text

A very useful and also funny tool is the Widget function to apply a page frame that can be different for any page, beside you can also add Text and Forms to enrich your book look.

Step 6 – Creating Pages

After you create all pages you can use the left column to arrange the page order then click on the publish button to finalize the book

Step 7 – Publishing

On clicking the Publish button a new interface appears and you have some more settings and controls over
your final product. You can add a Book Logo with related URL (logo WOC in our picture)

Step 8 – Choosing Template

You can use one of the several included templates or created your own and save it to reuse later again.

Step 9 – Adding Book and Presenter Information

You can also add more info using the About Button to supply book and Author’s information.

Once you finish you can output in different formats among which HTML/mobile which is fit to be uploaded on a website and can be browsed also by ipad, android and mobile devices that not use flash.
Burn to CD that directly transfer the slideshow onto the physical media to be later played on any computer.
More info on the company’s website

You can download our 3D Book Test 5.4MB to see the astounding final result and play with the tilting function to adjust the view as you like it.

I invite you to try yourself this product downloading a trial version from the company websiteor clicking on the picture below

Review by Angelo Giammarresi
Videomaker & Multimedia Producer
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