How Creating FlipPDF for iPad in 5 minutes

Hello Everyone,

Most of you already know that I’m fond of cheap software but good tools!!!
Today, I’m back to you with a new software from that I tested and let me an enthusiast, even I don’t like to use an iPad or other apple devices. In fact, what I appreciate at first is that the software runs on windows PC too.

After testing FlipPDF, Flip PDF Pro, Flip PowerPoint Pro and other, this is the time of a new born called Flip PDF for iPad .

Yes, you understand correctly! How you guessed in 5 minutes can have your PDF flipping in your iPad. Follow me and see!

Step 1 – Start the program

First time you start the program you get this screen and as you can see it is divided in two sections.
Left side you can manage all settings and right part shows an iPad frame with your flipbook.

Step 2 – Select Template

Before importing your PDF, I suggest you to click the template button and choose a theme from the selection list provided.
It can be used how basic theme to be modified at will using the background and page settings.

Step 3 – Import PDF

Import now your PDF and in the prompt panel can choose among different quality as well other options, then click OK.

Step 4 – Customization – Background – Title Book – Title Bar


After importing your PDF you can use the left panel to adjust the parameter and make your personal settings which can be saved and recall for a later use. In the details you can set the book title, the book logo, a book description and choose an URL to link the logo at your preferred external website. You can also decide to hide the fast scrolling arrows on the screen so, to get your book wider. We let them in place.
When you finish to make the adjustments then click on the flashing Apply Changes and you are ready to preview the flipbook.

Step 5 – Convert To Flipping Book

It’s time to convert your PDF in a flipping book, just click on the button and you are prompted to choose the output file format.
You have two options HTML & ZIP.
Choose Html to create a file html + folder to be uploaded in your website and watched online with a browser in iPad.
Select ZIP to create a zip file to be shared with other people or sent by email.

After you made the output choice, in matter of seconds you get this prompt to watch the final product.


How you can see from the above picture you can navigate as you like, using the scrolling arrows, the thumbnails or in a autoplay.

You can browse our test or download the zip file 

but we warmly suggest you try this

Flip PDF for iPad

Reviewed by Angelo Giammarresi
Videomaker & Multimedia Producer
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