Increase Your Business With Foxit Phantom PDF!!!

Hello Everyone,

I’m back to you with a new astounding software. Believe or not, you can follow my review than download  and test it yourself.

Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business it’s the ultimate alternative to other expensive software.

We are using The Phantom suite by Foxit for 2 years and we never felt the need of having another tool.
Some days ago we received the license to test this new version 2012.
Phantom PDF is available in 3 versions for any pocket and needs, we tested the Business edition which brings some new powerful tools. Let’s start from the beginning.

After installing, the first time you are asked to fill some form before you can use the software but it takes 1 minute no more.


The third screen have a link to the online user manual and you can download it for future reference.


NOW we start exploring some features

1 – Creating PDF
Menu File > Create PDF then you have a plenty of choice about PDF sources, we decide to create From Blank Page

2 – Comment & Form Menu to choose some tools.


3 – Text Field

To give you an idea of  the powerful suite of tools in this Phantom PDF Business we use a “Text field”.

Next pictures shows you the completeness of choices you have to set in the various tabs. We add a tooltip, how to be formatted, and which action to perform.


Once you set the text, of course, you can drag and position it in the page or modify its properties.

In shot 13 you can see the full screen function to test your page with the highlighted field (highlight can be deactivated)


shot 15 – Adding Images and Multimedia

Next shot shows the multimedia panel to add video in different format (format choices mostly depend on the codec available in your computer)

  In the picture you can also see a combo box and other form among the several available in the suite.

Shot 16 – Organize The Pages

To create your final product you can Add pages from blank or from other PDF and even add page transition to your full screen preview.

Shot 17 shows THE NEWEST FEATURES AVAILABLES IN   Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business it’s the Export To function.

  With this Export To function you can export in several format and types, among which you have PowerPoint, Excel, Html and Images with up to 5 picture formats. I tested the export to image and it’s very easy to set and wonderful clear without any surprises or artefact introduced in the picture. I think this is a very important function.
I used many Open Source free graphic tools and word processors that do this function but never satisfied me…the pictures always were shown some unwanted lines and cannot have a full control on quality settings.   Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business let you choose all quality settings giving better results for just a few dollars price.
Try it, click on the link and download to test Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business  not now? Well, continue to read.

Shot 18 – Security – Of course, your work it’s precious and you need to secure it so, you use the Secure Menu to set the security level needed – see next picture

Shot 19 – Managing the page view and Bookmarks

Using the side bar you can open/close it and check the page view manager as well as add/delete bookmarks in a very easy way…

  There’s a plenty of tools more to test and discover in Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business but this is up to you.
Next shot is our complete test PDF Page you can download.

Go to visit and download the software trial version from

Foxit PhantomPDF™ Business

I wish you like this review that is also a short lesson to start use this astounding and affordable software. Don’t miss it!

See you soon and come to visit our website  !!!

Reviewed by Angelo Giammarresi
Videomaker & Multimedia producer

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