Hello Everyone,

Welcome back to read my blog. Today, I will show you some New Templates Themes to create astonishing FlipBook with Flip-PDF And Flip PDF Professional. Don’t you know these software? no problem, read this review


Here we are again to continue with this review.

I’m film director and involved in TV productions since 1979 when the world was divided in 2 parts the big TV companies and the newborn private local TV who struggled to survive.
I started with these newborn local TV and since then my behaviour is giving chance to little companies to emerge.
So, I also use branded software like AVID media composer to edit video but also the open source Winff.

Maybe, you are a professional that can spend money for expensive branded tool, just go on and skip the review, but if only once you stated “why I’ve to buy all such useless tools that I don’t use?” well, please continue reading.

Since last year, I follow with curiosity the new software’s issues of this company, because they produce good Graphic Tools at affordable price. I tried the first version of FlipPDF then we exchanged feedbacks and soon arrived the Flip PDF Pro where you can add several features to your flipbook pages.

Yesterday, I got these 4 New Templates Themesand after installed them I made some tests which you can download from link provided at bottom page.

To use these templates is very easy buy them and receive a link to download the .exe file and a keycode to paste when you run the first time the file.
Then, open your Flip PDF Pro and navigate the template menu on the left

you will find 4 more categories, Calendar, Conciseness, Lively, SingleSlide.

Let’s start with the “Calendar” where we choose “Sky

Follow the 3 simple steps how numbers suggest then you wait the program set the new template in your working pad.

Of course you can change many parameters from the left table to personalize the final result and if you use the Flip PDF Pro can also edit the pages as usual. The one lovely features of these New Templates Themes  is the animated buttons when hoover they lively bounce.

Download Our catalogue created with the Calendar effect

You can output this effect in all formats allowed by the software Flash/Html, .exe, .app

Please, watch and download the other Templates’ tests I made today.

Conciseness style we choose “Blue”

We made some changes to the provided page and you can do the same using the table list of modifiers set on the left pad. You can also change the book logo and many other features.
Of course, you can change the sentences you see on the left of the book cover in a easy way.

But yes, you are right, to make some deep changes in this part  you need to know a bit of Html and CSS code.

Download Our catalogue created with the Conciseness style effect

Lively style we choose “Navy”

Download Our catalogue created with the Lively style effect

Single Slide style we choose “Cloudy Sea”

Download Our catalogue created with the Single Slide style effect

I’m sure you can create amazing products and if you hurry up you can still create wonderful calendars to make gifts for your clients.

Get your copy of New Templates Themes for just $ 79.

I wish you a very wonderful day!!!

See you later,

Angelo Giammarresi

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