Create an Android Book Apps with Pictures in few clicks!

Hello Everybody,

Do you remember our post about ANDROID BOOK APP MAKER the applicaton to convert your book in Android App?

No? There’s no problem click onto the link below and refresh your mind then come back and read the rest of this new article.

Converting Books in Android Applications without code knowledge & in few minutes!

Welcome back, the ANDROID BOOK APP MAKER has reached it’s version 2.6 which now include the “Add Image” feature.

This mean that you can create a complete book in a few clicks, also adding images to complete it.

Please, have a look at pictures below how easy is to complete your book and some screen shot of our tes that you can free download from the related link at bottom page.

Add Image Button – (Pulsante Aggiungi Immagine)

Adding Meta Data (Aggiungere Meta Data)

Select Flip ( Selezionare Flip) and proceed as usual till you finish the process. Then upload the app onto the emulator or onto your Android device, you will get a flipping book like this on the following pictures.


Download Our Example Test

Enjoy this sample and buy this very cheap but worthy software ANDROID BOOK APP MAKER
Later, I will tell you about another interesting software from the same company which provide a very kind and efficient support too.

See you,
Angelo Giammarresi

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