Get a stunning animation from your Power Point in 5 minutes!

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday, I wrote about a simple tool to transform common Power Point presentation in a stunning flipbook using FlipPowerPoint while now, I am going to show you a new easy to use tool to get wonderful animation from your Power Point.

You don’t know animation coding? You don’t know how to use Flash software? You don’t know how…Please, don’t worry to much about!!!
Just, download a free trial version of Flash Power Point and discover how in 5 minutes you can transform your Power Point slides in an attractive interactive animation.

Still wonder if it worth? No problem, just continue to read this post and you will have more hints to try it.

Download the software and, after installing it, just click on “Import PPT”.
Browse your system to use one of your presentation. Are you lazy? No problem click on the “see demo” and you have a complete animation ready to value.

We Import a Power Poin presentation then second step we choose to personalize the settings that you can retrieve whenevr you need it
check the heredown pictures how easy it is.


You see 3 steps and you already have all your information at fingertips to use during the presentation, important especially during an eLearning lesson. But let’s go on!

Once imported the slides, you can choose to record a voice over or add an mp3 file from your resources and the slide will last for the whole audio duration. Nice tool is the note box where you can paste the text to be read during the voice over.
Just after selecting your audio file continue selecting the kind of effect you want to  use between the slides. You can select one for all slides or a different one for each slide.

On the little grey box on top right you can preview the transition effect choosen and once you finish all your settings just press Preview button to start building the animation


While playing preview you can see the slide played on the left list so, easily can take note where to apply changes if needed.
If you are satisfied with your sequence press first OK then click onto Publish button and select the format you want to output.

How you can see, it’s very easy to transform your manual slide show in a stunning animated eLesson just in 5 minutes and very a few clicks.

Now You can play the animation or pause it and use the mouse to advance from one slide to other using the chosen transition effects.

Also, you can double click to zoom full screen page or click on the info button to show Presenter information and on the attachments to make the user  access other information or resources.


Let’s give a try and download the Flash Power Point right now, it’s a full functional free trial version. Hurry up, you will be amazed how easy is to use it!

Hey you, don’t forget to visit our website too

See you soon!

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