Make a book from your Power Point

Hi everybody,

I’m back to show a new useful tool found digging in the web.
If you already have read my previous posts, you will know that I’m not used to write review unless I really experienced the software or the equipment.
Today, it’s the time of a simple software developed by FlipBuilder Software Co., Ltd., which is headquartered in China.
I already tested some of their softwares and since the first one I was very satisfied of the good price/quality ratio.
The new software is called Flip Powerpoint and it permits anyone without having to write a single codeline to obtain a stunning flipbook from a simple power point presentation.

Launched the program you will face the main window divides in two parts, the right side shows the books preview and on the left you find the control panel. To begin just click on “ImportPowerPoint” button

Makes your choices about quaity, link, search, bookmarks, etc. then press “Import Now”.

Upon importing your presentation you can set many value at will as well as customize the background using te supplied templates or your own pictures. Look at the pictures heredown.

Everytime you make a change in the value setting an apply changes button flashs to remind you to press it for having the changes applied in realtime.

Who already used FlipBook or FlipBookProfessional will find the interface very similar and in just a few click realize the new product.

I like this software cause it’s very easy to use and full responsive to any settings change, like language that you can full edit and save to security option to set a password and limit  flip pages.

People can quick access page via Thumbnails or Bookmarks

when you are ready just press Converting to Flipping Book to open the output interface and make your choices
Html, let you produce a file compatible with PC/MAC browsers and the option Mobile permits to have a javascripts version compatible with all common mobile devices from iOS to Android system.

Exe create a single file to be used on PC and zip the same html file in a zipfile.

by the end a prompt inform you that the process is completed, click OK to open the file.

blank pages indicate the password protection from which page starts.

digit password in the pop up and enjoy the book animation

I wish you like this program too. Do not worry, download the full trial version for free and test it for your needs, I’m sure it will amaze you soon.
Visit and test other products also for free. Don’t forget their support team is very professional and in a few hours helps you to manage any question could arise.

If you have time visit us at you will find some useful products.

See you soon.

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